Center for Companion Animal Health

Photo: Cat and dog friends


Dear Pet Lovers:

Our goal at the Center for Companion Animal Health is to improve the health of pets and companion animals by encouraging studies into diseases that affect the health of dogs, cats, and small alternative pets.  In addition to general medicine and surgery, we focus upon five areas:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious Disease
  • Genetics
  • Shelter Medicine
  • Nutrition

Successful programs at our School require a mixture of motivated faculty, well- equipped facilities, and adequate funding for health studies. CCAH funds faculty and resident researchers who are interested in advancing knowledge of veterinary medicine through a competitive grant application program. We also help to disperse this cutting-edge knowledge through faculty exchanges, international seminars and workshops, participation in faculty clinical and research publications, newsletters, consultations, and participation at meetinigs.

Since State funds cover only a portion of our faculty needs, and limited funds are available for new buildings and the funding of animal health studies, we look to identify donors willing to privately support these costs. All of what our Center accomplishes is a reflection of our partnership with and the generosity of individuals and foundation members who seek to improve the lives of our animal companions.

Thank you.

Dr. Michael S. Kent, CCAH Director