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Winter 2015 CCAH Update

Our CCAH Update newsletters cover recent activities at the CCAH and selected topics of interest to pet lovers.  Our winter 2015 issue "Caring for Animals Injured in California Fires"  is available: Winter 2015 CCAH Update here.  (in .pdf format)

Previous CCAH Update issues from 2012-2014:

Summer 2015 CCAH Update

Our summer 2015 issue "Teams Advancing Animal Health"  is available: Summer 2015 CCAH Update here.  (in .pdf format)

Fall-Winter 2014 CCAH Update

Our fall-winter 2014 issue "Gene Mutation for Heart Disease in Newfoundland Dogs Identified"  is available: Fall-Winter 2014 CCAH Update here. (in .pdf format)

Summer 2014 CCAH Update

Our summer 2014 issue "CCAH:  At the Forefront of Helping Prevent and Cure Animal Diseases" is available here: Summer 2014 CCAH Update (in .pdf format)

Fall-Winter 2013 CCAH Update

Our fall-winter 2013 issue highlights the positive impact of CCAH-funded animal health research. You can read our Fall-Winter 2013 CCAH Update here in pdf format. (in .pdf format)

Summer 2013 CCAH Update

Our summer 2013 issue focuses on keeping pets healthy and save in the Great Outdoors.  You can read the summer 2013 issue of the CCAH Update here (in .pdf format).

Fall 2012 CCAH Update

Our Fall 2012 newsletter focuses on health issues related to obesity in our pets. You can read our Fall 2012 Newsletter (in .pdf format).

Spring 2012 CCAH Update

Our Spring 2012 CCAH Update on "caring for senior pets" is also available: Spring 2012 Newsletter (in .pdf format)

Research Abstracts cited in the CCAH Update

Our Spring/Summer 2013 CCAH Update cites several research abstracts from CCAH-funded projects.