Center for Companion Animal Health

2007-2011 Newsletters

Photo: Fall 2011 CCAH Update newsletter

Fall 2011

  • It's in the genes
  • Welcome, Dean Lairmore
  • Health tips: Winterizing your pet
  • CCAH research studies
  • CAMF spotlight
  • Behavior Tips: Socializing your puppy

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Photo: Spring 2011 CCAH Update newsletter

Spring 2011

Special Community Practice issue:

  • Community Practice is evolving to meet needs
  • Community Practice fulfills three vital missions
  • Community Surgery helps students gain confidence in procedures
  • Students value rotation through Community Medicine
  • Bahavior Service's "Yappy Hour" is social networking for puppies
  • The Adventures of Simba and Sabrina
  • Association for Veterinary Family Practice encourages primary care

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Photo:  Fall 2010 CCAH Update newsletter

Fall 2010

  • Perceptions of avian and exotic pets are changing
  • Behind door No. 3:  The appeal of exotic pets
  • Exotic animals may conceal illness
  • Meet donor Marcia Messmer
  • Finding new homes for exotic species can be difficult
  • Exotic animal ownership poses health risks

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Photo: Spring 2010 CCAH Update newsletter

Spring 2010

  • Director's Letter
  • Koret Shelter Medicine Program emulated throughout the nation
  • Physical Rehabilitation Service helps animals restore function
  • Cancer Center treats patients while enhancing understanding of disease
  • Koret Foundation Center for Veterinary Genetics investigates diseases and offers pedigree testing
  • Hemodialysis and Blood Purification unit among only eight in nation

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Photo:  Fall 2009 CCAH Update newsletter

Fall 2009

  • Partners in Seeking Solutions: UC Davis researchers and cat breeders work together against feline disease
  • Our Friends and Companions
  • CAMF Clinic Spotlight

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Photo: Spring 2009 CCAH Update newsletter

Spring 2009

  • Companion Animals in Society: A Discussion of Issues Surrounding Animal Cruelty
  • CAMF Clinic Spotlight
  • Our Friends and Companions

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Photo: Fall 2008

Fall 2008

  • Director's Letter
  • Marley's Story
  • Special Report: Understanding Canine Cancer

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Photo: Spring 2008

Spring 2008

  • Pets Jazz Up Your Life! National Pet Week, May 4-10, 2008 
  • UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program 
  • The Pet Loss Support Hotline 
  • Tender Loving Care for Pets 
  • Our Friends and Companions Gallery 
  • Companion Animal Memorial Fund Recognizes Grantline Veterinary Hospital 
  • Lancelot's Legacy 
  • Case Report: Corrective Surgery for Canine CompanionInspires Support for Ophthalmology

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Photo: Fall 2007

Fall 2007

  • Itchy Dog or Cat? It Could Be Food Allergy Dermatitis
  • CCAH Scientist Leads Veterinary and Comparative Oncology Initiatives
  • CCAH Celebrates Commitment to Human-Animal Bond
  • Current Studies: Cats, Dogs, Exotics
  • Companion Animal Memorial Fund Recognizes Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic
  • Our Friends and Companions Photo Gallery
  • Gifts in Memory of Genny, Hannah and Challis

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Spring 2007

Photo: Spring 2007

  • Researchers Identify Genetic Mutation That Causes Feline Heart Disease
  • Director's MessageNational Pet Week
  • CCAH Studies: Putting Your Research Dollars to Work
  • Recognizing Marina Hills Animal Hospital
  • Private Philanthropy Supports the CCAH Mission
  • Our Friends and Companions Photo Gallery
  • Case Report: Electron Beam Cancer Therapy Solves Special Challenges

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