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About the Author: Janet D. Collins

Photo: Janet D. CollinsJanet D. Collins has been breeding and showing Miniature Poodles in both conformation and obedience for almost thirty years under her “JANCO” kennel name (and before that showed Afghans in conformation for a number of years). She has earned some 25+ championships on her own dogs, and JANCO dogs of hers and others have consistently been among the top obedience performers on a national basis.

She is a member of the Poodle Club of America (a founding member of their Health Foundation), and is serving her third two year term as President of The Poodle Club of Central California. She is a member of the Oakland Dog Training club and a past board member of the Afghan Hound Club of America and the Northern California Afghan Hound Club.

She lives in Northern Sonoma County where she shares her home with two Maine Coon cats, her husband and his Standard Poodle and his Australian Cattle dog, and a determined Miniature Poodle who dominates all the other critters including her husband.

Her article entitled “Physical Therapy in Animal Rehabilitation” was written because of her strong interest in the importance of the emerging field of small animal physical therapy and her strong desire to make others aware of its positive impact on health care.

Link to her article Physical Therapy in Canine Rehabilitation (.pdf format)