Center for Companion Animal Health

Alternative Pets - 2000

Alternative Pets 2000 was held in Freeborn Hall on the UC Davis campus on July 8, 2000. Live animal educational exhibits and workshops on health issues of "exotic" and "alternative" pets were open to interested breeders, hobbyists, and members of the public. Birds, reptiles, rabbits, chinchillas, koi, and other animals were featured guests. Veterinarians experienced in exotic animal care led the educational workshops.

Most of us have come in contact with cats or dogs as pets, but many other kinds of animals are also kept as household pets. Often these animals have very special dietary and environmental requirements which must be met if the animal is to enjoy a long and healthy life. Our displays and workshops were designed to educate the public as to the specialized needs of "alternative" pets.

An afternoon seminar just on reptiles covered husbandry, diseases, sanitation, nutrition, and possible dangers (for the animal or the owner) associated with owning and handling reptiles.

Research funded by the Center for Companion Animal Health has included studies to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of both common and uncommon companion animals, such as cancers; genetic and immune disorders; infectious diseases; nutritional disorders; and kidney and heart diseases.