Center for Companion Animal Health

AKC/CHF/CCAH Canine Breeder's Symposium - 2005

The Center for Companion Animal Health hosted the American Kennel Club's Canine Health Foundation Breeder's Symposium on May 21-22, 2005. This meeting included topics such as nutrition, forensics, ABC's of breeding, vaccinations, cancer, DNA and the AKC, physical rehabilitation, and reproduction with experts such as Dr. Niels Pedersen, Dr. Autumn Davidson, Dr. Cheryl London, and many more.

This meeting brought together hundreds of breeder's from across the country. Scientific research papers were presented on topic such as vaccinations and cancer.

The session on the ABC's of breeding was presented by Claudia Orlandi, PhD and included topics such as genetics, kennel blindness, mate selection, and breeding systems (i.e. inbreeding/line breeding, outcrossing, like-to-like breeding and unlike-to-unlike breeding), and pedigree.

The session on physical rehabilitation in dogs was presented by Jackie Woelz, MS, PT of UC Davis and included benefits of rehabilitation, indications of rehabilitation, canine conditions commonly referred for rehabilitation, and UC Davis's treatments and techniques.

The session on forensics was presented by Sree Kanteswamy, PhD of UC Davis and included topics such as canine DNA as evidence in the courtroom, DNA databases, methodology for estimating canine in trace amounts and parentage testing.

The session on DNA and the AKC was presented by Tom Sharp, AVP of the AKC included information regarding the AKC's DNA Certification Program.

The session on nutrition was presented by Andrea Fascetti, VMD, PhD of UC Davis and included topics such as commercial pet food v. homemade diets, reasons for pet rejection of commercial pet foods, veterinarian proscribed homemade diets and raw food diets and BARF (bones and raw food).

The session on cancer was presented by Cheryl London, DVM, PhD of UC Davis and included topics such as RTKs and canine tumors, RTK Met and the Rottweiler and research on novel anti-cancer agents.

The session on vaccination protocols was presented by Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD of UC Davis and included topics such as vaccine types, intended purpose of vaccines, vaccine acquisition stages (puppy hood, adolescence, and boosters throughout the dogs life span), adverse reactions to vaccines and the annual vaccination v. every third year vaccination protocols.

The meeting material included abstracts of each presentors talk and a detailed book on breeding by Dr. Orlandi called ABC's of Breeding: What Every Dog Breeder Should Know. Material from this meeting may be obtained by contacting:

AKC: Ronald Rella at (212) 696-8303 or via email at

CHF: Erika Werne at 1-888-682-9696 for via email at