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Journal of Heredity

A special Journal of Heredity issue with papers presented at the conference has been published. This new issue of the Journal of Heredity is available online. Symposium Issue: Third International Conference-Advances in Canine and Feline Genomics School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA, August 3-5, 2006.: July 2007; Vol. 98, No. 5. See Table of Contents and Letter from the Editors


Genome Annotation Resource Fields, GARFIELD: A Genome Browser for Felis catus
Joan U. Pontius and Stephen J. O'Brien
J Hered 2007 98: 386-389.

Comparative Genomic Structure of Human, Dog, and Cat MHC: HLA, DLA, and FLA
Naoya Yuhki, Thomas Beck, Robert Stephens, Beena Neelam, and Stephen J. O'Brien
J Hered 2007 98: 390-399.

Development of Y Chromosome Intraspecific Polymorphic Markers in the Felidae
Shu-Jin Luo, Warren E. Johnson, Victor A. David, Marilyn Menotti-Raymond, Roscoe Stanyon, Qing Xiu Cai, Thomas Beck, Naoya Yuhki, Jill Pecon-Slattery, James L. D. Smith, and Stephen J. O'Brien
J Hered 2007 98: 400-413.

Mitochondrial Introgressions into the Nuclear Genome of the Domestic Cat
Agostinho Antunes, Joan Pontius, Maria João Ramos, Stephen J. O'Brien, and Warren E. Johnson
J Hered 2007 98: 414-420.

Association of Germ-line Polymorphisms in the Feline p53 Gene with Genetic Predisposition to Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma
Nilanjana Banerji, Vivek Kapur, and Sagarika Kanjilal
J Hered 2007 98: 421-427.

Large-Scale SNP Genotyping with Canine Buccal Swab DNA
Melanie Lee Chang, Rebecca Lee Terrill, Maria M. Bautista, Elaine J. Carlson, Donna J. Dyer, Karen L. Overall, and Steven P. Hamilton
J Hered 2007 98: 428-437.

Linkage to CFA29 Detected in a Genome-Wide Linkage Screen of a Canine Pedigree Segregating Sry-Negative XX Sex Reversal
S Pujar, KSD Kothapalli, HHH Gring, and VN Meyers-Wallen
J Hered 2007 98: 438-444.

Hardy–Weinberg Expectations in Canine Breeds: Implications for Genetic Studies
Andrea D. Short, Lorna J. Kennedy, Annette Barnes, Neale Fretwell, Chris Jones, Wendy Thomson, and William E. R. Ollier
J Hered 2007 98: 445-451.

Elevated Basal Slippage Mutation Rates among the Canidae
Jeffrey Laidlaw, Yevgeniy Gelfand, Kar-Wai Ng, Harold R. Garner, Rama Ranganathan, Gary Benson, and John W. Fondon, III
J Hered 2007 98: 452-460.

Analysis of the Unassembled Part of the Dog Genome Sequence: Chromosomal Localization of 115 Genes Inferred from Multispecies Comparative Genomics
Thomas Derrien, Catherine Andre, Francis Galibert, and Christophe Hitte
J Hered 2007 98: 461-467.

A Noncoding Melanophilin Gene (MLPH) SNP at the Splice Donor of Exon 1 Represents a Candidate Causal Mutation for Coat Color Dilution in Dogs

Cord DrAgemaller, Ute Philipp, Bianca Haase, Anne-Rose Günzel-Apel, and Tosso Leeb
J Hered 2007 98: 468-473.

A Cytogenetically Characterized, Genome-Anchored 10-Mb BAC Set and CGH Array for the Domestic Dog
Rachael Thomas, Shannon E. Duke, Stephanie K. Bloom, Tessa E. Breen, Andrea C. Young, Erika Feiste, Eric L. Seiser, Pei-Chien Tsai, Cordelia F. Langford, Peter Ellis, Elinor K. Karlsson, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, and Matthew Breen
J Hered 2007 98: 474-484.

Comparison of the Human and Canine Cytokines to Orthologous Other Mammalians
Jan T. Soller, Hugo Murua-Escobar, Saskia Willenbrock, Miriam Janssen, Nina Eberle, Jörn Bullerdiek, and Ingo Nolte
J Hered 2007 98: 485-490.

DLA-DRB1, DQA1, and DQB1 Alleles and Haplotypes in North American Gray Wolves
Lorna J. Kennedy, John M. Angles, Annette Barnes, Lindsey E. Carmichael, Alan D. Radford, William E.R. Ollier, and George M. Happ
J Hered 2007 98: 491-499.

Functional Analysis of a Subset of Canine Olfactory Receptor Genes
Naima Benbernou, Sandrine Tacher, Stéphanie Robin, Michaelle Rakotomanga, Fabrice Senger, and Francis Galibert
J Hered 2007 98: 500-505.

Evaluation of Tafazzin as Candidate for Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Irish Wolfhounds
Ute Philipp, Cornelia Broschk, Andrea Vollmar, and Ottmar Distl
J Hered 2007 98: 506-509.

Hereditary Evaluation of Multiple Developmental Abnormalities in the Havanese Dog Breed
Alison N. Starr, Thomas R. Famula, Nathan J. Markward, Joanne V. Baldwin, Karon D. Fowler, Diane E. Klumb, Nancy L. Simpson, and Keith E. Murphy
J Hered 2007 98: 510-517.

Analysis of Candidate Susceptibility Genes in Canine Diabetes
Andrea D. Short, Brian Catchpole, Lorna J. Kennedy, Annette Barnes, Neale Fretwell, Chris Jones, Wendy Thomson, and William E.R. Ollier
J Hered 2007 98: 518-525.

Independent Origin and Restricted Distribution of RPGR Deletions Causing XLPRA
Barbara Zangerl, Jennifer L. Johnson, Gregory M. Acland, and Gustavo D. Aguirre
J Hered 2007 98: 526-530.

Mutation in HSF4 Associated with Early but Not Late-Onset Hereditary Cataract in the Boston Terrier
Cathryn S. Mellersh, Kathryn T. Graves, Bryan McLaughlin, Rosalyn B. Ennis, Louise Pettitt, Mark Vaudin, and Keith C. Barnett
J Hered 2007 98: 531-533.

Mapping the Mutation Causing Lens Luxation in Several Terrier Breeds
David R. Sargan, David Withers, Louise Pettitt, Michael Squire, David J. Gould, and Cathryn S. Mellersh
J Hered 2007 98: 534-538.

Identification of a Mutation in the CHAT Gene of Old Danish Pointing Dogs Affected with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome
Helle Friis Proschowsky, Annette Flagstad, Susanna Cirera, Claus B. Joergensen, and Merete Fredholm
J Hered 2007 98: 539-543.

The Genetics of Cream Coat Color in Dogs
Sheila M. Schmutz and Tom G. Berryere
J Hered 2007 98: 544-548.

Localization of White Spotting Locus in Boxer Dogs on CFA20 by Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis with 1500 SNPs
Peter A. Leegwater, Marjan A. van Hagen, and Bernard A. van Oost
J Hered 2007 98: 549-552.