Center for Continuing Professional Education

RVT - Vet Tech

As of July 1, 2013, all RVTs will be required to complete 20 hours of continuing education during the 2 years prior to renewing their licenses.  Courses offered through the VMTH Continuing Education office, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis can be applied toward meeting this requirement.

The demands placed on today’s veterinary medical team for expert patient care have never been greater.Your procedures and techniques need to be updated frequently to keep up with the rapid changes in knowledge, materials, and technology occurring in veterinary medicine.

Continuing veterinary medical education is a good source of the newest methods, materials, and procedures to enable you to deliver quality care worthy of your reputation and standards.

RVT certification is more accessible than ever with “The Alternate Route”. Since 1994 unregistered veterinary assistants with three years of on-the-job training and 20 semester units, 30 quarter units, or 300 hours of specific continuing veterinary medical education, can apply for the RVT exam.  We are committed to providing world class RVT/Veterinary Assistant education.

While the following programs are produced with the practicing veterinarian in mind, we welcome technicians to enroll in them for CE credit as well.


February 11 - May 13 Spanish for Veterinary Professionals, Wednesday evenings at UC Davis

February 28 Behavior Symposium, UC Davis

March 28-29 Winter Conference, UC Davis

April 11-12 Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium, UC Davis

May 30-31 Small Animal Pain Conference, UC Davis

July 25-26 8th Annual Back to School RVT Seminar, UC Davis

December 2-6 Explorer Series, Costa Rica