Center for Continuing Professional Education

The 5th Annual UC Davis Veterinary Practitioner Seminar

Thank you for attending the 5th Annual UC Davis Veterinary Practitioners Seminar held October 13, 2013, UC Davis.

2014 program information will be added when it becomes available.

2013 Exhibitor Grant Support

2013 Speakers

Track 1 - Small Animal

Dr. Josh Stern
Dr. Ann Della Maggiore
Dr. Bruce Christensen
Dr. Lynelle Johnson
Dr. Geraldine Hunt

Dr. Guillaume Hoareau
Dr. Birgit Puschner
Dr. Catherine Outerbridge

Track 2 - Equine

Dr. Sara Thomasy
Dr. Josh Stern
Dr. Alonso Guedes
Dr. Bruce Christensen
Dr. Sarah Le Jeune
Dr. Birgit Puschner
Dr. Mary Beth Whitcomb

Track 3 - Livestock

Dr. Munashe Chigerwe
Dr. Steven Gallego
Dr. Terry Lehenbauer
Dr. Davis
Dr. Alonso Guedes
Dr. Sharif Aly
Dr. John Champagne
Dr. Bret McNab
Dr. Barbara Byrne
Dr. Anita Varga