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Hemodialysis Center

Hemodialysis and Extracorporeal Therapies Unit at the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital

Hemodialysis Academy Faculty Picture

Drs. Gilad Segev, Larry Cowgill, Cathy Langston, JD Foster, and Sheri Ross

Hemodialysis Academy

Date: begins September 15, 2014
Schedule: TBD
Location: seminar will take place entirely on the web
Credit: Certificate
Cost: $2,000
Registration: online

Program Description

UC Davis in collaboration with the Animal Medical Center, the University of Pennsylvania, and the UC Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego now offers an Advanced Certification Program for Extracorporeal Therapies.  Instruction will:

  • Be virtual with a combination of live interactive and self-paced  modules available worldwide
  • Contain basic science with a clinical approach to hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, therapeutic apheresis, renal failure, and operation of a hemodialysis program
  • Have extracorporeal rounds sessions
  • Have Teledialysis™ --virtural “on-the-floor” interactions during active extracorporeal procedures