Center for Continuing Professional Education


Specialist-focused continuing education programs are produced from the Center for Continuing Professional Education to meet the needs of specialists in academic, institutional, and private practice who strive to remain current on the expansive and frequent developments from clinical and bench-top research.  Our faculty are often the world leaders in their fields and advance clinical practice through their research and teaching programs. Let us be your source for state-of-the art information as well as the instigators of controversial debate!


September 15  Hemodialysis Academy

October 5 22nd Annual Fall Symposium on Recent Advances in Clinical Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis

October 10-11 and October 25-26 Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Symposium, Lake Tahoe and UC Davis

October 17-18 Ophthalmology Symposium, Monterey

October 17-19 Primary Care Veterinary Educators World Symposium, UC Davis


January 23-25 Multidisciplinary Advanced Therapies Symposium: Clinical Oncology, Napa, CA