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Dr. Pedersen with Ferrini Award winners Barbara Gandolfi (2008) & Hasan Alhaddad (2012)

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The feline genetics laboratory of Professor Leslie Lyons at UC Davis is located in the Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH).  Research focuses on the genetics of the domestic cat and the development of genetic tools and resources that assist gene mapping in the cat and other companion animals.  Feline research is focused on the discovery of mutations that cause inherited diseases and phenotypic traits and in the population dynamics of breed development and domestic cat evolution.

The feline research of the Lyons’ laboratory has been funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – National Center for Research resources (NCRR) R24RR0016094, and is currently supported by the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs/OD R24OD010928.  The laboratory actively seeks competitive and non-competitive funding from a variety of agencies, groups and donors to support genetic studies in feline health and non-health related areas. The Winn Feline Foundation, WALTHAM, the Cat Health Network and private donors have been strong and consistent supporters for various cat research projects.  Royal Canin cat food proudly feeds our colony of rcat with genetic traits. The UC Davis Center for Companion Animal Health provides internal competitive funding and matching funding for external awards.  The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory will assist with research projects and funding that will lead to genetic tests as a commercial service for the cats of owners and breeders.  Strong interactions with cat breeders and owners are highly desired and encouraged to help support studies by providing DNA samples from cats, pedigree information and background knowledge of interesting traits and health issues.  Important relationships are fostered with all cat registries and associations, such as the CFA, TICA, the GCCF, FiFe, and other organizations worldwide.

To provide target funding support and donations for feline genetics, please contact Dr. Lyons, the Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) or the School of Veterinary Medicine Development Office.  To participate in cat research, please see the list of active research projects or follow this “How to Participate”link.

Contact the Lyons’ Den

Leslie Lyons PhD
SVM Population Health & Reproduction
4206 VetMed 3A University of Calfornia, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
530-754-2287 (4-CATS)
Email : felinegenome@ucdavis.edu and lalyons@ucdavis.edu