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Dr. Pedersen with Ferrini Award winners Barbara Gandolfi (2008) & Hasan Alhaddad (2012)

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Lyons' Den Personnel

The Feline Genetics Laboratory is part of the Department of Population Health & Reproduction in the School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Lyons is a member of three graduate groups at UC Davis: Genetics, Animal Biology and Forensics, thus students can join any of these graduate groups to be a part of the feline research team. The laboratory highly welcomes undergraduate students via Animal Biology practicums, internship and research credits (PHR 199) or volunteer time. The laboratory often participates in the Young Scholars Program (YSP) in the summer, hosting high school students from the California Area.   Visiting scholars are also an active members of the laboratory team, hosting sabbatical faculty and foreign students from around the world.  Genetics training for veterinarians is supported via the UC Davis combined degree (DVM/PHD) program, and the STAR and YEAR programs.

\Lyons Lab

Lyons Den Researchers:

Leslie Lyons, PhD - Principle Investigator

Robert A. Grahn, PhD - Project Scientist

Barbara Gandolfi, PhD - Post-doctoral Scholar

Shannon Joslin, BS - Junior Specialist

Grace Lan, BS - Junior Specialist, Lab Manager

Neele Holzenkaempfer, BS - Research Assistant

Carlyn Peterson, BS - Junior Specialist, Technician-in-Charge

Niels C. Pedersen, DVM, PhD -  Veterinarian-in-Charge

Graduate Students:

Hasan Alhaddad, MS - PhD Candidate - Genetics

Razib Khan, BS - PhD Student - Genetics

Matthew Watters, BS - MS Student - Forensics

Ashley Brooks, BS - MS Student - Forensics

Jennifer Lyons, BS - MS Student - Animal Biology

Visiting Scientists:

Federica Mattucci - PhD student - University of Bologna, Italy

Nashwa Waly, BVSc, PhD - Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Assuit University, Egypt

Assorted Minions & Underlings (Undergraduates & Volunteers)

Alex Cortes - Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

Erica Creighton - Genetics

Noelle Lemos - Animal Science

Sophia Kassotakis - pre-veterinary

Jully Pires - Genetics

Cat Husbandry Staff:

Devin Merritt - Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

Yunji Lim - Sociology

Contact the Lyons’ Den

Leslie Lyons PhD
SVM Population Health & Reproduction
4206 VetMed 3A University of Calfornia, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
530-754-2287 (4-CATS)
Email : felinegenome@ucdavis.edu and lalyons@ucdavis.edu