Avian and Exotic Medicine Club

There are many opportunities to get involved with AEMC.  We have many officer positions, but members are also able to help with the treatment crew in the CAPE ward of the VMTH.


Charles Artiles and Theresa Aller         
Junior Presidents: ngann jncle
Nessie Gann and Janice Lee
Secretary: cmarti
Casey Martinez
Treasurer: sdsmith
Shannon Smith
Rounds Coordinators: mirlee
Miriam Lee and Julia Kruep
Wetlab Coordinators: dlcarlson klarkin
Daphne Carlson and Michelle Luis and Katrina Larkin

CAPE Treatment Crew


Michael Hung
Symposium Coordinator: hdieckmann mnplank
 Hayley Dieckmann and Monica Plank
LeFeber Representative:
Cheryl Yashar
Oxbow Representative:
Morgan Halley


Catherine Deng