Avian and Exotic Medicine Club

Wet Labs

Upcoming Wetlabs:

Fish Physical Exam Wetlab (TBA)

Past Wetlabs:

Raptor Handling Sessions at the California Raptor Center (Ongoing)

Students can sign up for 2-3 sessions each semester to learn about and practice topics such as basic handling, physical exams, bandaging or blood collection.

Chicken Necropsy Wetlab (Nov. 10th, 2015)

Participants learned about poultry anatomy and pathology from Dr. Rodrigo Gallardo in this joint wetlab with the Pathology Club.

Mickaboo Bird Grooming (Oct. 4th, 2015)

AEMC members assisted in nail and feathering trimming birds with Dr. Kureshi at Mickaboo Bird Rescue.

Chinchilla Day (Feb. 2013)

Chinchilla Rescues, Adobe Animal Hospital, and UC Davis AEMC members and pre-vet students come together for Chinchilla Health Day. Under the direction of Dr. Johnson, vet students performed physical exams on privately owned and rescue chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small rodents with the help of pre-vet students. It is a great experience for our club members and many come back year after year!

Bird Behavior, Handling, and Restraint with Dr. Speer (Feb. 16, 2013)

AEMC members enjoyed a lectures about bird behavior, handling, and restraint techniques from Dr. Brian Speer. Members then applied what they learned to our assortment of bird volunteers. Both the birds and the students had a great time!

Reptile Necropsy Lab with Pathology Club and WAAM (Jan. 2013)

We learned more about reptile anatomy through iguana necropsies.

Mickaboo Bird Grooming (Apr. 2012)

Photography courtesy of Megan Wolfe. AEMC members assisted in nail and feathering trimming birds for Mickaboo Bird Rescue.

Chinchilla Day (2012)

AEMC members with the help of the UC Davis Vet Aide Club volunteered on President's Day with California Chinchilla Rescue and Adobe Animal Hospital's Dr. Johnson to give health checks over 200 small mammal pets.  Our patients included chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, ferrets and rabbits.  Fostered/rescued animals and privately owned animals were given physical exams and minor procedures were performed by Dr. Johnson.  Everyone enjoyed the day and learning about these nifty pets!

Mickaboo Bird Grooming Day (Sept. 2011)

AEMC members assisted Dr. Chris Sanders and Dr. Alex Moore with grooming birds for Mickaboo Bird Rescue (all proceeds to Mickaboo).  Students practiced holding birds for grooming, nail trims and wing trims.

Turtle Necropsy Lab (2011)

No images available.

Chinchilla Day (2011)

Fish Necropsy Wetlab (Fall 2010)

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Wing Wrap Wetlab (January 2009)

Led by Dr. Duerr at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fairfield, CA

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Snake Wetlab

Dentistry Wetlab