Hospital Representatives

Career Night provides the opportunity for veterinary professionals to showcase their practices and publicize work positions available to veterinary students. With over 250 students in attendance at Career Night 2012, the event provides the ideal setting for networking between hospitals and students. From younger students considering summer and fourth year externships to graduating students looking for internship and employment opportunities, health care professionals make lasting bonds with students, and Career Night typically results in numerous externship and job hires!  

While Career Night allows practitioners to meet students, it also provides an additional opportunity for hospitals to network with health care vendors. Career Night attracts a variety of vendors promoting their newest products and technologies, many of which hospital representatives may not be exposed to elsewhere.  

At Career Night we encourage representatives from all fields of veterinary medicine, including: small animal, equine, food animal, wildlife, exotics, shelter, lab animal, and research. Thank you to all our health care professionals who came to last year’s event!    

If you are interested in sending a representative from your practice to Career Night 2013, please fill out the following form: Practitioner Sign-Up Form

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If you have any questions, please contact our Hospital Representative Coordinators at

Hospital Representative Coordinators:
Dustin Noack
Jessica Sands