Career Services

DVM Mentor CV Review Committee

Spring Semester 2013

DVM E-mail  Background
Dr. Munashe Chigerwe UCD facutly, large animal medicine, experience evaluating internship/residency applications and private practice
Dr. Jim Clark PT UCD Faculty, small animal ER/specialty practice, experience in reviewing internship applications
Dr. Marissa Francis Small animal practice, currently in leadership with Banfield 
Dr. Scott Haskell Food and mixed animal practice, small animal practice, international work, academia
Dr. Michele Jay-Russell UCD faculty, public health and food safety expert, government employment
Dr. Jay Kerr Small animal practice ownership, past CVMA President 
Dr. Jon Klingborg Small animal practice ownership, past CVMA President 
Dr. Maggie Knipe UCD faculty & private practice, neurologist, experience evaluating internship and residency applications
Dr. Julie Meadows Small animal practice ownership, currently leader UCD Community Medicine
Dr. Sean Owens UCD faculty & private practice, pathologist, experience in evaluating residency applications
Dr. Karen Vernau UCD faculty, neurologist, experience evaluating internship and residency applications

Before seeking a review of your CV/resume by a DVM mentor, please first review on-line resources and suggestions for creating an effective CV/resume.
From the list above, determine which DVM mentor you'd like to ask to review your CV/resume (please do NOT approach more than one mentor).
E-mail your request to this mentor, attaching your CV/resume as a Word document (not a PDF, as the mentor may use "track changes").
Include your name and "Request for CV Review" in the e-mail subject line.
Include your best contact phone number in case the DVM mentor prefers to call you rather than providing written feedback.
Include your class/year in school and your general goal for using the CV/resume.

The committee cannot guarantee a specified turnaround time.
If the DVM Mentor is already reviewing numerous other CVs, he or she may advise you to please seek another mentor to ensure you receive timely feedback.
There is no one "correct" way to construct a CV; it's up to you to decide whether to take or leave any advice you receive.
The committee encourages you to seek opinions from several different sources if possible. 
The committee is providing this service on a trial basis and may discontinue this service at any time; committee members are all volunteers.