Events Calendar

The SCAVMA calendar is regularly updated with events organized by SCAVMA, student clubs, and other organizations. If you’d like an event to be on the calendar, please submit a request by clicking on “Request Event Posting” and filling out the form. Prior to submitting a request, please check the SCAVMA calendar to ensure that another event is not already happening that day, and be sure to reserve a room on VIPER. If you need to make changes to an event that is already on the calendar, please send an email to the current SCAVMA President-Elect. 

Complete Calendar of Events

Conferences and Symposia

Conference Location Date Details
SAVMA Symposium University of Pennsylvania March 15-17, 2018 Click here 
CVMA Animal Care Conference Long Beach, CA March 18-20, 2018 Click here
CVMA Pacific Veterinary Conference Long Beach, CA June 29-July 22, 2017 Click here 
AVMA Convention Indianapolis, IN July 21-25, 2017 Click here
North American Veterinary Conference Orlando, FL February 3-7, 2018 Click here
Western Veterinary Conference Las Vegas, NV March 4-8, 2018 Click here
Health and Wellness Symposium Davis, CA TBA Click here