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Professional Development Fund

The Professional Development Fund is a scholarship program sponsored by SCAVMA. The PDF assists veterinary students by awarding funding to students who have incurred expenses by attending professional conferences or seminars, including on-campus symposia, participating in research projects, externships, or any other pertinent veterinary related experience outside of school.

Applicants must be SCAVMA members, and can apply once per season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring). Applicants can receive up to $320 yearly to cover expenses, including travel, hotel, and admission costs. Food, gifts, and other extraneous expenses are not eligible for funding. Actual funding depends on how many students apply each quarter, as there is a limited amount of funds. Paid externships are not eligible. Once an applicant reaches the $320 funding cap, they will not be eligible to receive funding until the following year. The funding totals will be reset every summer season- and this will be considered the start of the year.

 Every season, the SCAVMA Vice President will announce the due date for the PDF application via email to the veterinary student body. Every applicant must submit:

1) A completed and signed application. The written description of your experience should include:

    - The nature of the experience; What did you do? Where did you go?

    - How it contributed to your veterinary education

    - Whether or not you enjoyed the experience

    - Any other pertinent comments

 2) Receipts showing highlighted expenses (actual or photocopied receipts or bank statements)

3) Proof of attendance (a name badge, letter from supervising veterinarian, etc)

All of these documents must be turned into the Vice President’s mailbox by the deadline. If the application is late, or if all necessary documents are not included, the application will be denied. Please type the application.

SCAVMA requests that you submit your application within two weeks of your return instead of waiting until the deadline in order to speed up the reviewing process.

EXCEPTION: Any event occurring 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the deadline date can apply for the current PDF funding block or wait until the deadline for the following PDF funding block.

PDF Funding Cycle 2013-2014

Application Open

Application Deadline


 December 1st

 February 28th @ 5:00 PM


 March 1st

 May 16th @ 5:00 PM


 May 17th

 August 31st @ 5:00 PM


 September 1st

 November 30th @ 5:00 PM

pdf Professional Development Fund Application

Student Organization Fundraising Aides

Due to the Healthcare Vendor Policy, SCAVMA will be changing our recommendations for club fundraising protocol.  Please read the following Fundraising Packet Instructions and familiarize yourself with the SVM Guidelines for the UC Regents Healthcare Vendor Relations Policy.

word Solicitation Packet - Non-Healthcare Vendor

word SVM Healthcare Vendor Relations Policy

word Healthcare Vendor Policy FAQ

pdf Student Account Donors

pdf Vendor List

pdf SVM Guidelines

pdf SVM Facility Rates

If you would like to invite a healthcare vendor to come to campus and speak to students regarding information about products, please submit a completed application to SCAVMA.  Fill out the two documents below (Healthcare Vendor Speaker Application, Conflict of Interest Form) and submit to the SCAVMA President.  Application guidelines are included with the HCV Speaker Application word document.

word Healthcare Vendor Speaker Application 2013-2014 - UPDATED!

word Conflict of Interest Form 2013-2014 - UPDATED!

Request for SCAVMA Funding Part 1: Pre-approval


If you would like to request funding from SCAVMA, please fill out the SCAVMA Funding Pre-Application form and submit to Kaitlin Stewart via email or in her mailbox in Valley 2043. SCAVMA will oversee the funds in the SCAVMA and Unrestricted Donor Account. All requests will be considered by the board at the next board meeting. For detailed instructions regarding the application, please read the SCAVMA Funding Guidelines.

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified of the amount of funding you or your club has been granted as well as which account you will be reimbursed from. For detailed instructions regarding reimbursement, please read the SCAVMA Funding Guidelines. To help alleviate the financial burden on an individual student, we recommend that your club reimburse the student until the funds can be processed through the Student Account, then that student can reimburse the club. Please note that while we are trying to expedite this process, it may take up to one month to access funds from the accounts, or even longer with incomplete applications. If you have any questions please email the SCAVMA President.

pdf Funding-Pre-application Guidelines

word Pre-Application (Electronic Copy)

pdf Pre-Application (Hard Copy)


Request for SCAVMA Funding Part 2: Reimbursement

Once pre-approved by SCAVMA, you will be given an allotted amount to be reimbursed from a specific account. Please read the SCAVMA funding guidelines to ensure proper compliance and submission of forms for reimbursement.

For reimbursement requests for funding approved for the SCAVMA account, please fill out and sign the following form and submit via hard copy with receipts to the SCAVMA Treasurer's mailbox. Please email the Treasurer when you deliver the paperwork or if you have any questions.

word Reimbursement (Electronic Copy)

pdf Reimbursement (Hard Copy)

For reimbursement requests for funding approved from the UDA account, please fill out and sign the following form and submit a hard copy with receipts and attendance list (or invitation for >10 participants) to the SCAVMA Treasurer Elect's mailbox. Please email the Treasurer Elect when you deliver the paperwork or if you have any questions.

word UDA Reimbursement (Electronic Copy)

pdf UDA Reimbursement (Hard Copy)

pdf UDA Account Reimbursement Guidelines for UCD Employees