Nov 2012 Board Meeting

Hello SCAVMA Board Members,

The next Board Meeting will be this upcoming Tuesday, November 13th at 6PM in Valley 2030 - dinner is being prepared by the fabulous Emily Isaacs and served at 5:30. Please add your agenda items to the SCAVMA Board Meeting Agenda - 11/13/12

A few things to catch up on prior to the meeting:

1) Please take a moment to fill out the Lunch Talk/Food Issue Committee and Mini-meeting interest survey. A meeting will be set amongst all interested individuals in order to develop a proposal for how SCAVMA should approach resolving this issue.

2) Additionally, please take the time to fill out the New Budget Item: Sending Students to SAVMA Symposium survey. This will be used to guide and expedite our discussion during the Board meeting regarding how we want the $3,000 in the new SAVMA Symposium Budget Item to be utilized.

3) Finally, please utilize the following link to provide input on the idea to start a formal event (eg. "Fur Ball") at UCD SVM: SCAVMA Discussion: Potential Fundraising Idea - Formal Event

4) David Kim (Waggie Editor): "At the last SCAVMA meeting, I brought up...that there's a dearth of writers from the first and second year class, and Lea and I aren't sure what to do about it, namely thinking ahead for next year when our time is up. So I wanted to know if you guys had any suggestions about how to recruit the first/second years or what kind of changes you'd like to see in the Waggie/what you don't like about it to get people more interested in it. I'd appreciate any feedback you could give.  Thanks everybody." Suggestions for the Waggie

5) If you get a chance to - look over the attached document. This is an e-mail forwarded by Dr. Jandrey suggesting a potential SCAVMA Fundraiser. We will discuss at the meeting what to do with it.