Oct 2012 Board Meeting

Hello SCAVMA Board Members!

Please find below relevant resources that will be discussed at the October Board Meeting (Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 @ 6PM, Valley 2030). This information has been e-mailed to you, and is available at the SCAVMA Website under the "Meetings" tab. A reminder - please add agenda items to the SCAVMA Board Meeting Agenda - 10/16/12 prior to the meeting, and indicate the amount of time it will take to address that agenda item.

1) We have made a great deal of progress in reviewing the 24 Annual Club Reports that were submitted Spring 2012. There are still a few more Annual Club Reports that need review, and a few that have been claimed but I have not received. Please use the following google doc link to sign up to review additional reports, or check on the status of the report you have signed up for:  2012 Annual Club Report Feedback Sign Ups

2) One of our Action Items from the September, 2012 Board Meeting was to create a SCAVMA: Lunch Talk Food Issue Feedback Form. Please use the linked google doc form to add your own input (We've already received a good deal of feedback, and using this link you can all access all of the responses and add your own, or comment on others ideas). We will not get into a giant discussion about this at the board meeting: Emily Isaacs with summarize the feedback we received, and then we will establish a committee who will be responsible for coming up with a plan of action to propose at the November Board meeting, and get further feedback (and potentially vote to implement new policy).

3) Constitutional Amendments: Voting on Constitutional Amendments will be our largest time consumer for the October Board Meeting - please come prepared. An Action Item from the September Meeting was to create a SCAVMA: Constitutional Amendments Feedback Form for you to provide any suggested changes or comments on proposed changes to the constitution. Please find the Proposed Amended SCAVMA Constitution - Draft 4 (highlighting changes and reasoning with "Track Changes" attached, along with the SCAVMA Constitutional Amendments Summary Document - Draft 3. Our proposed changes have be "ok-ed" by our AVMA Adviser Dr. Derek Hall, so we will just need to proceed with voting.

4) SCAVMA One Health Grant Election Results: Please remember to vote for the SCAVMA One Health Grant Awardee! So far only 9 of our Board members have voted! SCAVMA One Health Grant Voting. Emma Dean (SCAVMA Secretary) Sent all of you the applications we received in an e-mail entitled "SCAVMA One Health Grant Voting" on October 4th, 2012 which has all of the applications attached. Please take the time to review these applications and vote (These applications will not be available here, as this is a public page). We need at least 2/3rds of our board members to vote to call a winner (we have a votes on the SCAVMA Board - so 19 members must vote!)

Thank you all for reviewing these items in advance so that we can expedite the Board Meeting Process!

docx Sept 2012 Amended Constitution - Draft 5

docx SCAVMA Constitional Amendments Summary Document - Draft 4