Sept 2012 Board Meeting

Hello SCAVMA Board members!

There are a few things that I would like to bring you all up to speed on prior to Tuesdays board meeting so that we can utilize our time as efficiently as possible.

1) To start with, everyone is expected to attend the first meeting of the year (and that means everyone on this list serv, including all class presidents!). Please get in contact with me if you absolutely cannot make it. As a reminder, please see below which board members hold a vote, and which board members share one:
a. The SCAVMA President and faculty advisors do not get a vote.
b. The following SCAVMA Executive Board members each hold one vote - President-elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Treasurer-elect, UDA Treasurer, UDA Treasurer elect, Secretary, Senior SAVMA Delegate, Junior SAVMA Delegate, each SCAVMA Class Representative, and the Graduate Professionals Student Representative.
c. The following SCAVMA Executive Board members share one vote each - The Co-Presidents of each respective class (one vote between three individuals).
d. The following SCAVMA Officers each hold one vote - CVMA Representative, IVSA Representative,
e. The following SCAVMA Officers share one vote each - Legislative liason(s), Waggie Editor(s)

2) If you are available, please join everyone at 5:30 for dinner - during this half hour prior to the start of the actual meeting, our SAVMA Delegates (Christine Hsueh and Mike Ramos) will be requesting everyone's help in registering the members of the classes of 2015, 2014, and 2013 with SAVMA. Essentially - everyone will get a piece of paper with the SCAVMA members that they are going to be responsible for registering. Christine and Mike will give everyone instructions on how to register those individuals (you will need their last names, member ID#s, and our SCAVMA account information). The goal is for everyone to have a small enough list to get through prior to the start of the meeting at 6:00 - so the more people splitting up the work, the better!

3) Attached is the 2011-2012 (last years) final numbers for our budget. In summary, we made ~$25,000 last year, and our current account balance is $180,000. At the Board meeting on Tuesday, we will propose rolling the ~$25,000 into our current 2012-2013 budget under the Miscellaneous category so that we can vote to allocate it as needed or desired by the board throughout the course of the year. (See documents "SCAVMA budget 2011-2012.xlsx" "SCAVMA 2012-2013 budget version 1.doc" and "Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx" for last years final numbers, the 2012-2013 budget voted in "as is" in May 2012, and an explanation document of what each item of the budget means - respectively.)

4) Tomorrow, we will have a brief discussion of "Points System" - In May 2011, the SCAVMA board voted the Points System into the SCAVMA Constitution. I have attached a document containing just that portion of the constitution and I would like you to at least skim through it (less than a page folks) so you can be aware of what it is. Last years SCAVMA board determined that the Points System, while used successfully in some other veterinary schools across the nation,  was not reasonable or appropriate for our student body (And we really don't have the manpower to run it well), and therefore it was never implemented, and tabled in September 2011. However, having decided not to implement the system, the 2011-2012 SCAVMA Board overlooked the fact that it needs to officially be voted back out of our Constitution. So please come prepared, as we will have a very brief discussion of the system and ideally come to a consensus, then vote yes or no that the system should be removed from the Constitution. (See document "ARTICLE XI - The Points System.docx")

5) We have 25 SCAVMA registered clubs on campus; 2 years ago we started requiring every club to complete an "Annual Club Report" at the end of the year to create documentation of important club information that can be passed from officer to officer each year. Clubs must submit the Annual Club Report to be eligible for SCAVMA funding each year. This past year, we collected 23 Club reports (and we are currently working on getting the last 2). It really makes no sense that we should collect these reports and not review them and give feedback to our clubs - so this year I would like each board member to take responsibility for reviewing one Club Report (There are more than 25 people on our board). We will discuss this further at the Board meeting tomorrow. I will have a stack of hard copies of each club report, and I would like to supply each of you with the electronic copy of the report that you will be reviewing so that you can make electronic comments that we can save in our own files and provide to the club. The majority of these reports are between 4-6 pages long, with a few containing attached annual budgets or standard operating procedures. Please sign yourself up to review one Report via this google doc 2012 Annual Club Report Feedback Sign Up

6) Constitutional amendments; still a work in progress - over the past several weeks, Emily Isaacs and I have been putting in some long hours wading through our Constitution and editing it to reflect a) How our election cycle will run with the semester system, and b) How our SCAVMA Chapter actually functions. I have attached a document which outlines some of the basic and major changes that we have made to the document for your review. These changes will not officially take effect until we hold a vote to amend the constitution with these changes during the October Board Meeting. In the meantime, the proposed changes must first be sent to our AVMA advisor, Dr. Derek Hall, who will review the document and make sure that any of our proposed changes are not in violation of AVMA policy (which we must comply with as a sub-chapter of the AVMA). He will then return the document to us with the "go ahead" (hopefully!) to proceed with a vote to amend the Constitution. Please refer to the attached document "SCAVMA Constitutional Amendments Summary Document.docx" for a summary of these changes (please note that there are 3 new articles being added to the end that are still a work in progress), and I have also attached our most recent draft of the Constitution with Track changes should you care to review it (It's 18 pages warned).

Alright - I know this is a lot of information. However, the more knowledgeable you all are about these topics prior to Tuesdays Board meeting, the more quickly we will be able to get through the meeting. For those that can't recall - these meetings used to take 3 hours! Last year we reduced them to approximately an hour. This first meeting of the year is always jam packed with agenda items - so my goal is to get everyone out of there no later than 7:30 (and the closer to 7:00, the better!)

Thanks for you attention, everyone! And see you all tomorrow!

pdf Ins and Outs of SCAVMA

Agenda Sept. 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

SCAVMA budget 2011-2012.xlsx SCAVMA budget 2011-2012

SCAVMA 2012-2013 budget version 1.doc SCAVMA 2012-2013 budget version 2

 Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx Budget Write Up 2012-2013

Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx ARTICLE XI - The Points System

Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx SCAVMA Constitional Amendments Summary Document

Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx Additions-Edits of Constitutional Articles 

Budget Write Up 2012 2013.docx Sept. 2012 Amended Constitution - Draft 3