Faculty Mentoring Program

What is the Mentor Program?

The SCAVMA Mentoring Program is an optional program which pairs students with faculty members. The program will begin for each class at the beginning of Spring Semester of the First Year. Students may choose their own mentor from the list of available mentors or ask to be assigned a mentor.

Purpose of the SCAVMA Mentor Program

  • To provide students with a faculty mentor with whom they can discuss academic and personal issues.

    • Faculty members are not meant to act as career counselors. Rather, they should provide academic and personal support to students; if a student has questions about career paths, the faculty member may choose to address them personally or refer the mentee to someone who may better answer their questions.

  • To foster closer bonds between faculty and students outside the classroom.

    • Given the size of classes and the intensity of the veterinary medical curriculum, it is important to create relationships outside the classroom. The mentor-mentee relationship is meant to create a more tight-knit community and allow students to feel more connected to the faculty.

  • To create professional relationships that last beyond students' time in the veterinary curriculum.

    • Established relationships with faculty will allow students to maintain a connection with mentors and the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine beyond graduation.

Benefits of joining the Mentor Program

  • Structured program that will help you build and maintain your mentor-mentee relationship throughout the four years

  • Invitations to all Mentor Program Events

  • Students

    • Build relationships with faculty members outside of class and meet faculty members whom you have not yet encountered

    • Talk to faculty with similar interests

    • Have a resource for academic and personal issues

    • Create a smaller community within the veterinary school

  • Faculty

    • Create closer relationships with students from each class year

    • Build relationships outside of the classroom

    • Help create a positive veterinary school experience for students

    • Build mentoring skills applicable to other programs and situations

If you have any questions about the Mentor Program or if you are a faculty member interested in getting involved, please contact Elisa McEntee at