Hill's Pet Nutrition

Discounted Hill's products are back on campus!

Things you should know:

Question: How will I order food?
You will pay for your food online at (sign up instructions are below). You can pay by credit card, debit card, or paypal.

Question: How often can I order food?
Right now ordering is available once a month. You will receive an email reminding you to order food before the due date.

Question: How much does the food cost?
All prices are discounted based on your student or staff status and available on the pet360 website.

Question: How much food can I order?
You can order up to 120lbs of food per month at the discounted rate. Anything above 120lbs for your order will be charged at regular retail price.

Question: When will my food be available?

Food will be delivered to the Swaggie bookstore once a month. You will receive an email to let you know that food has arrived. You will then need to go to the store and pick up your items. Since you will have paid in advance, you will only need to have your items checked off by a store employee before you leave.
Unfortunately you will have to carry all food to your car, so please bring help if you have a large order.

Question: Can I use a coupon or rebate I have when ordering food?
No. Coupons and rebates are not usable for participants in the College Feeding Program

Question: When will the first order come?
The first order will arrive on April 8th (after 1pm). You will have to place your order by March 25th at 10pm in order to make the order cutoff.

If you want to order food, please follow the instructions below.
1. Have you already paid to be a member of the SCAVMA Pet Food Program? If yes, move on to the next step.
If not, please go to the following website to sign up and pay your dues:  (There are specified sections for students, residents, and faculty/staff). This is required in order to get your Hill's products. If you have trouble registering, please contact the SCAVMA Treasurer-elect, Kristen Elliot -

2. Do you want to order prescription foods? If not, move on to the next step.
Doctors, you do not need to upload prescriptions!
All others:
If you would like to order a Prescription Diet product, please email a scanned copy of your prescription(s) to In the subject of the email, please put "Prescription for _______" and list your pet name(s).
Also, when naming the scanned document, please name the file in the following format: Last Name.Pet name(s).pdf or .jpg. For example I would attach a file named "Zamor.Pookie.pdf" and use the following subject for the email: "Prescription for Pookie".

Once we have reviewed your prescription we will approve you for ordering this food.

3. Register on the Hill's ordering website: (instructions attached, but also listed below)
-Click on "sign up" and enter the following information:
-First Name
-Middle name or initial
-Last name
-Your SCHOOL email address (must end in .edu)
-Click the drop down menu and select your school (Each school is listed twice)
****STAFF - select STAFF GROUP
-Enter your Student or Staff ID (this will be used for verification puposes)
-Select year of study
****STUDENTS - Choose 1-4 or leave blank
****STAFF - leave blank
-Enter one of your pet's names
-Enter your phone number
*Indicate whether or not you will be ordering a prescription diet, if yes enter the Veterinarian's Name (This will be used for verification purposes)
-Hit Submit
-Add to your contacts list in your email or your confirmation email will likely be filtered into spam.

4. Wait for your registration to be confirmed. You will receive an email once it is. Follow the instructions in the email once you get it and then you are ready to start ordering!

Please direct any questions regarding the program to Eliza at