Staff, Faculty and Residents

In order to sign up for the Pet Food Program, you must complete the following:
  1. Make your Paypal payment below (+Paypal transaction fee)

    PFP Membership Fee (+ transaction fees)
  2. Fill out the Google Doc: 2017-2018 SAVMA Pet Food Program - Faculty/Staff/Residents

  3. Go back to the home page and use the menu to the left to visit the individual company page for specific instructions to begin ordering food.
Once you have signed up, your contact information will be sent to the student company reps, and they will send you further instructions on how to participate in their respective programs. You must complete the above steps by the deadline - Friday, Aug. 25 @ 12PM - in order to participate in the September pet food distribution. Class of 2021 will start participation in the October distribution. Deadline to sign up and participate in October is September 15th. **If you sign up midway through the year, you must sign up before the 15th of the month prior to when you wish to start receiving pet food!**