Wet Lab Resources

Wet Lab planning instructions (start here): PDF How to Organize a Wet Lab


docx Event Attendance Sheet

Event Insurance (On and Off Campus Events)

Liability Waiver Group Club Liability Waiver (group waiver for all students to sign at an event)

docx Individual Club Liability Waiver (full liability waiver, make sure that this is available for all students to read prior to event)

docx Pet Waiver - for students using their own pets

docx California Veterinary Practice Act Acknowledgement - only necessary for labs that have LIVE animals

Links and other resources:

Room Reservation for Wet Labs and Symposia
 - Tentative Room Reservation
        - Follow up with Mike Beech ( for Valley/VM3A/MPT
        - Follow up with Darlene Riel ( for Gourley
 - Conference and Event Services (CES) for main campus large events
        - Requires campus account and designated account signer(s)

Please turn in all required wetlab forms to the Vice President Elect's mailbox (Alexa  Dickson c/o 2020)