Events Calendar

The SAVMA calendar is regularly updated with events organized by SAVMA, student clubs, and other organizations. If you’d like to host a lunch talk, please complete the following steps:

  1. Check the SAVMA calendar to see if a lunch talk is already scheduled.
  2. Pick an open date (i.e. no other lunch talk scheduled, remember other types of events do not apply). Put in a request through the "Request Event Posting" form for that date, and make sure to label it as a lunch talk. If you have concerns or questions, the SAVMA President elect is in charge of the calendar - currently this is Laurel Saldinger. Laurel will be making sure that talks are added in order of requests (first come, first serve).
  3. All approved requests will be put on the calendar within 72 hours. If your request is denied (because of an earlier scheduled lunch talk) you will receive an email from Laurel within 72 hours of your request letting you know that you need to find another date.
  4. If you want your event also put on the school-wide VIPER calendar, please put this on your request for the SAVMA calendar and Laurel will make this happen.
  5. Once your request has been approved and put on the SAVMA calendar you can confirm with your speakers and go about booking a room in Valley. This can be done through the "Schedules" tab in VIPER.

Complete Calendar of Events

Conferences and Symposia

Conference Location Date Details
SAVMA Symposium University of Pennsylvania March 15-17, 2018 Click here 
CVMA Animal Care Conference Long Beach, CA March 18-20, 2018 Click here
CVMA Pacific Veterinary Conference San Francisco, CA June 28-July 1, 2018 Click here 
AVMA Convention Denver, CO July 13-17, 2018 Click here
North American Veterinary Conference Orlando, FL February 3-7, 2018 Click here
Western Veterinary Conference Las Vegas, NV March 4-8, 2018 Click here
Health and Wellness Symposium Davis, CA TBA Click here