Event Funding

Due to the Healthcare Vendor Policy, SCAVMA has changed our recommendations for club events and their funding.  

pdf SVM Healthcare Vendor Relations Policy

If you would like to invite a healthcare vendor to come to campus and speak to students regarding information about products, please submit a completed application to SCAVMA.  Fill out the two documents below (Healthcare Vendor Speaker Application, Conflict of Interest Form) and submit to them both to the UDA Treasurer via email.  Application guidelines are included with the HCV Speaker Application word document.

word Healthcare Vendor Speaker Application 2017

word Conflict of Interest Form 2017

Request for SCAVMA Funding Part 1: Event Funding Application


If you would like to request funding from SCAVMA, please fill out the SCAVMA Funding Application. SCAVMA will oversee the funds in the SCAVMA and Unrestricted Donor Account. All requests will be considered by the SCAVMA Funding Committee by the end of the month. For detailed instructions regarding the application, please read the SCAVMA Funding Guidelines.

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified of the amount of funding you or your club has been granted as well as which account you will be reimbursed from. For detailed instructions regarding reimbursement, please read the SCAVMA Funding Guidelines. To help alleviate the financial burden on an individual student, we recommend that your club reimburse the student until the funds can be processed through the Student Account, then that student can reimburse the club. Please note that while we are trying to expedite this process, it may take up to one month to access funds from the accounts, or even longer with incomplete applications. If you have any questions please email the SCAVMA UDA Treasurer-elect.

pdf Event Funding Application Guidelines 

Google Forms Event Funding Application 

Request for SCAVMA Funding Part 2: Funding Fulfillment Form

Once approved by SCAVMA, you will be given an allotted amount of funds from a specific account. Please complete the following form and submit via hard or electronic copy, with receipts and event photographs, to the SCAVMA UDA Treasurer-elect's mailbox. A Funding Fulfillment Form must be turned into the UDA Treasurer-elect within 2 weeks of the completion of the Event. Please email the UDA Treasurer-elect if you have any questions.

word Funding Fulfillment Form