Veterinary Business Management Association Club

Business Certificate Program

The National VBMA Business Certificate Program is a way to recognize and rewardyour active participation in VBMA. With this program, you will have the opportunityto greatly augment your business education, an aspect vital to all veterinary professions regardless of your tract or career path. Key topics include personal finance,employee management, career preparation, and more. After completion of the program,the National VBMA will have letters to practitioners available explaining the significancebehind your certificate - a great way to boost your marketability.

We are currently offering both the Silver Level Certificate, which requires 16 hours of education with 4 hours in each of the following categories:

  • Business Finances (4 hours)
  • Business Operations, Management, and Ownership (4 hours)
  • Business Leadership Skills (4 hours)
  • Career and Personal Development (4 hours)

Our current schedule offers topics from each category in every semester, making it even easier to complete the hourly requirement and receive your certification.

Remember: you have to be a VBMA member to participate in this program

See our National VBMA Website for more details