Veterinary Business Management Association Club

Lou Gatto, CPA

Lou Gatto has been advising veterinarians and practice owners since 1977.  He is the founding partner of Gatto McFerson, a veterinary-focused financial and consulting firm.  Under the leadership of Lou, and his partner Tom McFerson, the firm maintains financial statements for over 150 veterinary practices, advises 250 veterinarians on financial matters, has assisted in the purchase and sale of over 320 veterinary hospitals, and has prepared valuations on more than 300 veterinary hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Lou Gatto is active in the veterinary community. He is the past president, founder, and Board Member of VetPartners. He serves on the Business Advisory Board of the California Veterinary Medical Association and frequently speaks at the veterinary schools and conferences.

He is a knowledgeable, popular author and speaker on financial topics.  He finds it satisfying to use his expertise to help veterinarians improve their practices and their lives and he enjoys the chance to share ideas in meetings like this.

Lou lives in Aguora Hills with his wife Kathy and a menagerie of approximately 100 animals.