Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Medicine Club

List of Other Possible Externships

This is a list of facilites where WAAM veterinary students have done externships or internships in the past. We do not have current information about externships or internships at these facilites at this time. If you are a student who has done an externship at any of these places, or staff from any of these places with information on the program, please contact our externship coordinator, Alina Kelman. Thanks!

Second Years

Captive Wildlife and Exotics

California National Primate Research Center (Davis, CA)

Lion Country Safari (Loxahatchee, FL)

Montgomery Zoo (Montgomery, AL)

Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary (Kona, HI)

Third Years

Captive Wildlife and Exotics

Sedgewick County Zoo (Wichitaw, KS)

Wildlife Conservation Society-Pathology (Bronx, NY)


Envirovet Summer Institute (Multiple Locations)