What are FARM Club Rounds?

  • FARM Club Rounds are awesome. You get to see and learn about real life cases, happening that day, in C-Barn (not in a lecture hall on a big screen). These rounds are a great learning opportunity!

When/Where are these Rounds?

  • Thursday at 5pm in C-Barn, will continue almost every Thursday. We will send out a weekly email as a reminder to club members and if there is any info on what the cases are for that day.
  • We are also going to continue the video conference rounds with Tulare this year, so we will let you know when and where those will occur. They will replace C-Barn rounds for that week. 

What do I need to know to come to Rounds?

  • You must be a FARM club member to come to rounds! And if you haven't signed up yet, no problem! Just write a check out for $10 to "FARM Club" and put it in Joseph Banuelos's mailbox (class of 2019). When reminders are sent for rounds, they will be sent to members only.
  • Biosecurity in C-Barn:
    • You must either wear boots (your own) or plastic shoe coverings (provided) upon entering C-Barn
    • You must dip your boots/shoe coverings at EVERY foot bath that you encounter on your path
    • After entering C-Barn, you cannot then walk into B-Barn, so plan accordingly!

Next Rounds:
Every Thursday at 5pm (during school time)