Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club


2012-2013 Events

Lunch Talks

"What Exactly IS Holistic Medicine?"with Dr. Sarah le Jeune

Wednesday October 1, 2012 12-1pm

What is Holistic Medicine? Is it evidence-based, or just a bunch of voodoo? Even if you don't intend to practice holistic medicine, if you practice here in California, it is likely that you will have clients who request other modalities besides straight Western medicine. You should probably know what those modalities are.

What: What is Holistic Medicine
Where: Valley 1030
Who: Dr. Sarah le Jeune DVM, DACVS, DECVS, CVA 


  • Equine Surgery and Lameness
  • Equine Acupuncture and Chiropractic
  • School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis 

Wet Labs

"TCM + Acupuncture Intro Part 1" with Dr. Lauren Frank

Tuesday October 30, 2012 6-8pm

The Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club (HVMC) would like to invite you to a talk by Dr. Lauren Frank, from our own VMTH Physical Rehabilitation Service. Dr. Frank is a 2009 graduate of the UC Davis SVM and is certified in both veterinary acupuncture and canine rehabilitation, having also completed a clinical internship in Physical Rehabilitation and Acupuncture at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center. Read more about her and the service on the VMTH website.

During this talk, Dr. Frank will cover basic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), TCM diagnosis, and acupuncture. She'll be joined by a human acupuncturist, so you'll have the opportunity to self-needle! plus practice pulse- and tongue-reading. In addition, she'll demo acupuncture on her own dog. Everyone is welcome. Dinner will be provided to HVMC members.

This evening talk is Part 1 of a two-part series. Part 2 will be an Acupuncture Wetlab with student dogs (tentatively planned for Nov.) To join Part 2, you must attend Part 1 and be a paid HVMC member. Participation in Part 2 will be very limited, but we may repeat the offering, if response is high.

What: TCM + Acupuncture Intro: including self-needling, pulse- & tongue-diagnoses, dinner for HVMC members
Where: Valley 1047 

Past Events 2011-2012

The Use of Medical Honey for Wound Management

With Dr. Signe Beebe

Oct. 18th (Tue) 6-8pm

Equine Acupuncture and Laser Demo

with Dr. Sarah le Jeune

March 8th (Thu) 5-6pm, 1071 VMTH

Combined rounds with EMC.

Health Strategies for Organic Dairy Cattle

With Dr. Hubert Karreman

April 2nd (Mon) 6-8pm, 1010 Valley

Combined rounds with FARM Club open to interested practitioners. Dr. Karreman discussed general organic dairy practices, holistic views on approaching and solving problems, different modalities that can be used (biologics, botanicals, acupuncture, and homeopathy), and some case discussions. Dr. Karreman not only generously shared his time with us but also donated a copy of his newest book to the UC Davis Carlson Health Sciences Library. We are grateful for his contributions. Thanks to all who attended the talk! We welcome any feedbacks you may have.

Introduction to Holistic Medicine Series: Animal Reiki

with Kathleen Prasad, founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association

May 2nd (Wed) 12-1pm, 1043 Valley

Open to all, lunch provided only for paying members. This lecture is for all students who are interested in learning about the system of Reiki and how it can be beneficial in your work with animals. Discussion will include: the basic history of Reiki, how it helps animals, ways it can be easily incorporated in your veterinary work, and how it can be used to reduce stress in your life. All participants will receive: the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics, An Introduction to Animal Reiki, and a recommended reading and Reiki resource list.

Introduction to Holistic Medicine Series: Homeopathy

with Dr. Stephanie Chalmers

May 11th (Fri) 12-1pm,  1047 Valley

Open to all, lunch provided only for paying members. Dr. Stephanie Chalmers is a board certified veterinary dermatologist (ACVD) who has also been certified in homeopathy by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (CVH). She will give an introductory lecture on homeopathy, including some history, basic principles, case examples as well as some of the science that explains how homeopathy works.


Small Animal Acupuncture Wetlab

with Dr. Madeline Yamate

May 9th (Wed) 6-8pm

We are delighted to have Dr. Yamate, former HVMC officer and internationally renowned TCVM practitioner and lecturer, to hold an acupuncture wetlab for HVMC members!  The lab will start off with a brief lecture on introduction to acupuncture, followed by hands-on learning of acupoints and needle placement.

Joint SCIVAPM and HVMC Small Animal and Exotics Acupuncture Wetlab

with Dr. Marilyn Koski

May 17th (Thu) 6-8pm

Anesthesia and Pain Management Club and HVMC are hosting an acupuncture wetlab for both small animal and exotic patients with Dr. Koski, one of our CAPE faculty and practitioner for VMTH's Small Animal Acupuncture Service.  We will begin with a lecture, followed by a hands on lab with dogs, reptiles, tortoises, and/or rabbits.  We are still lookinng for animal volunteers, especially rabbits!  You must be a paying member with either club to enter drawing for a spot in the wetlab.