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Radiology Practice

Our very own Dr. Zwingenberger has a site where she posts interesting cases. Try your hand at some radiology cases now! Click here.

Radiology Club

Welcome to the website for the Radiology Club at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine!

Radiology club is a new club on the UC Davis campus that was started with the intention of giving Davis veterinary students more opportunities to hone their imaging techniques.  We host small animal radiology rounds on the first Monday of the month and large animal radiology rounds on the third Monday of the month.  In addition, our officers are working on creating some really fun wetlabs for our members.  Check back for important updates.

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 officers!

It isn't too late to join our amazing 2014-2015 officer board.  We still need another Large animal rounds/wetlab coordinator.  See officers tab.