Research Opportunities

STAR Program: Students Training in Advanced Research
The STAR Program is an initiative of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis to coordinate and offer funding opportunities on a competitive basis to veterinary students to experience veterinary and biomedical research during the summer months.  In recent years several students have completed STAR projects specifically related to anesthesia and pain management.  The U.C. Davis anesthesia department faculty have been supportive of these projects and have acted as mentors to a number of students. Recent pain managment  projects include the following:stardog

Project: Evaluation of Ketamine Used for Analgesia in Surgical Patients
Student: Kelby Simison
Mentor: Dr. Bruno Pypendop

Project: Investigating the Clinical Use of Gabapentin for Analgesia in Cats
Student: Patrick Reid
Mentor: Dr. Jan E. Ilkiw

If you are interested in a pain management related STAR project and would like more information, you can contact any of the students listed above or one of the anesthesia faculty to discuss your ideas.