Veterinary Business Management Association Club

Business Certificate Program

The National VBMA Business Certificate Program is a way to recognize and rewardyour active participation in VBMA. With this program, you will have the opportunityto greatly augment your business education, an aspect vital to all veterinary professions regardless of your tract or career path. Key topics include personal finance,employee management, career preparation, and more. After completion of the program,the National VBMA will have letters to practitioners available explaining the significancebehind your certificate - a great way to boost your marketability.

Deadline to submit the Honors Portfolio for Fall 2016 is November 1st!

"The VBMA prides itself on its ability to provide strong business education to help shape the modern veterinary business professional. The four pillars (categories) of the educational program are:

(1) Business finance, 

(2) Operations, management, and ownership, 

(3) Leadership skills, and 

(4) Career and personal development. 

To ensure that all VBMA chapters consistently deliver the highest caliber of VBMA graduates, a national curriculum was developed. Completion of The BCP demonstrates that a student made a concentrated effort to become competent in the essentials of veterinary business. The program is designed to optimize the individual strengths of each student and foster a productive career as an employee or employer. Through interactive and informational lectures, workshops and events outside of their regular curriculum, the BCP graduate learns about managing business and personal finances, management skills, engaging emotional intelligence, marketing, and more. 

The more advanced option, the Business Certificate with Honors, is attained by the student who wishes to do everything possible to prepare for entry into the job market with advanced training in communications, leadership, and business. This program is inclusive to allow for creativity and adaptability to individual interests, yet serves as a tangible means to display the student’s desire to learn what is not taught in a traditional curriculum. By having practicing veterinarians and industry professionals evaluating the portfolios, students gain invaluable insight into how they can achieve their greatest potential as a well-rounded veterinary professional upon graduation. One of the unique attributes of the BCP is this ability to network with these top industry professionals.


At this time, UC Davis VBMA is offering the following options for the class of 2020 and 2019:


o THE BUSINESS CERTIFICATE (formerly the SILVER CERTIFICATE) will have 16 hours of education, 4 per category


o THE BUSINESS CERTIFICATE WITH HONORS. This certificate requires a minimum of eight hours of credit in each category listed above, as well as the completion of an Honors portfolio, which is submitted only after the completion of 32 credits. The Honors portfolio contains constituents of each of the main categories of the BCP and requires a passing score as evaluated by a qualified industry professional before receipt of the Business Certificate with Honors. This program also provides the student with valuable individualized feedback. 

Click the following link for the Fall 2016 Business Certificate with Honors Application


For classes 2017 and 2018: The Gold Certificate that was previously offered is being phased out. BCP members from these class years who are eligible for Gold Certificate are offered two options:

(i) Obtain Gold Certificate

(ii) Opt-in the Honors Portfolio and obtain the Business Certificate with Honors.


For more information on BCP, the old vs new system, or Honors Portfolio, please visit here or or see your BCP Coordinator. You are also encouraged to look at our BCP FAQ document here.

Our current schedule offers topics from each category in every semester, making it even easier to complete the hourly requirement and receive your certification.

Remember: you have to be a VBMA member to participate in this program