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National VBMA Conference

Three of our officers at the yearly National VBMA Conference

National VBMA

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NVBMA Mission Statement

The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.


National VBMA offers information on:
  • Resources for students interested in veterinary business
  • Busuness-related externships
  • Scholarships


The VBMA began as a stand-alone organization founded by three students at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001.

In 2006 Meghan Stalker, the then club president of that organization, recognized the power that veterinary business organizations could realize by working together. She began to contact veterinary schools in the northeast US to see if they would be interested in working with her group at the University of Pennsylvania. The National VBMA was thus created officially, in September 2004 with the inclusion of the 16 original VBMA chapters. The picture below is from the first-ever national meeting of the VBMA!

The goal of the National VBMA was to provide a support network among students with common interests and goals. These students believed that in order to practice quality medicine, veterinarians needed to possess subsidiary skills to enhance client compliance and personal success. These beliefs were rooted in the results of industry research of the time, most notably the KPMG Mega Study but also the Brakke and AVMA-Pfizer studies that followed. These studies showed the importance of business education as factors in improving the quality of veterinary service and the amount veterinary income. The founding students of the VBMA felt this element of their education was not being addressed and moved to fill the void.

One of the founding principles and greatest attributes of the VBMA is that it has always been lead, managed, and organized entirely by veterinary students. The VBMA considers itself to be “independent” primarily because it does not have, and was not created or directed by any type of parent organization. Our organization is founded on the determination, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of future veterinary leaders who desire a higher level of business education than what is being offered through veterinary colleges. This allows us to pursue their own educational interests through lectures and hands-on experiences.

The VBMA’s growth has been astronomical. In less than 5 years the VBMA has established a chapter at every single veterinary school in the US with 3,000 members and growing. Additionally we have 5 international chapters with several more pursuing memberships. Every year at the VBMA National Meeting in Orlando, Florida, our members provide the student voice in events such as “Elephant in the Room”, where industry and academic leaders debate how to deal with the impending debt crisis and work through current conflicts students face in their education. Most chapters use this information to engage their faculty and local practitioners on these issues and we hope they will continue to bring to light the struggles facing students, as well as the success of the VBMA to their State VMA's. The astounding growth of this organization and the influence it has are a testament to the need the organization fills and the structure of our student leadership.

It is exciting to see all VBMA has accomplished in such a short amount of time and we know the great influence it will continue to have in the future. Enjoy the journey with us!