Veterinary Business Management Association Club

Helpful Resources from Events

Our packed calander of speakers brings a multitude of veterinarians and professionals to UC Davis to discuss all things business! We are excited to announce we will be posting resources (slides, worksheets, etc.) with the permission of these amazing speakers. Stay tuned for exciting information that you can reference any time on this webpage!

Helpful Resources of 2015-2016

This year we have had great information shared with us from talks discussing finances, legal rights, and more.

To the left, you will find a multitude of pdf links from our lectures with Rafael Moore, our legal guru for veterinary medicine. Click the links to find out your rights as a pregnant employee, legal information concerning vet med, and the definition of an "independent contractor".

Below you will find a slide show from a talk with Scott Purves, CIC. He is the president of Purves Insurance in Davis and an authorized AVMA LIFE representative for UC Davis. Representing AVMA LIFE, he discussed "Negotiating Compensation and Benefits"; here are some helpful take away points:

Negotiating Compensation and Benefits