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Veterinary Public Health Organization

With the world’s attention focused on zoonoses (diseases transmissible between animals and people) and the next big pandemic, there is an increasing need for veterinary medicine in public health. Unfortunately, like most specialties within veterinary medicine, there is a shortage of veterinarians in public health and research.

The Veterinary Public Health Organization (VPHO) was established in 2006 at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis to address the growing interest in public health, veterinary medicine, and research. A team of devoted students and supportive faculty advisors pioneered the development of this organization.

VPHO would like to extend a huge thank you to all the doctors, technicians, and others who have presented, run wetlabs, guided field trips, offered advice, and helped to make UCD's veterinary public health organization a successful and ever expanding student run club.

Mission Statement 

  • Provide information on careers in public health and research.
  • Serve as a forum to discuss important current events regarding veterinary medicine, public health, and research. 
  • Establish a foundation for a positive social interaction between current veterinarians in public health and research, and students.
  • Host lectures, wetlabs, and tours to promote understanding and advocate participation in public health.