Veterinary Public Health Organization Club


Funding for Externships and Research

SAVMA Externship Stipends

For externships in Public practice (e.g., CDC, FDA, USDA, NIH,) industry (e.g., pharmaceutical, diagnostic laboratories, or animal food companies,) or research.

SAVMA Professional Development Fund (PDF)

The PDF assists veterinary students by awarding funding to students who have incurred expenses by attending professional conferences or seminars, including on-campus symposia, participating in research projects, externships, or any other veterinary related experience outside of school.

International Programs Summer Externship Funding

This funding is available to 1st and 2nd year veterinary students who are doing summer research projects or summer clinical experiences that involve an international travel component. The application is due in February. For more information, talk to the International Programs officer for your class or email Dr. Pat Conrad or Dr. Paulina Zielinska in the Office of Global Programs.

STAR Program: Students Training in Advanced Research

An award of approximately $5,800 to support students participating in summer research projects with a UC Davis SVM faculty mentor. This award is not intended as funding for research materials; instead it provides an income for the student to live on while gaining experience in scientific and medical research. Students additionally participate in meetings throughout the summer with other STAR students. With many applicants each year, the STAR program is competitive. Students whose STAR projects involve an international travel compenent may also apply for international programs summer externship funding through the UCD SVM Office of Global Programs.