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Fall 2017

Army HPSP Scholarship Information - lunch talk Wednesday 9/20/17 in 2030 Valley- presented by Army Medical Recruiting, Sacramento Office, along with current HPSP recipients and a current Army veterinarian who had also done HPSP during veterinary school. This talk is directed to first-year veterinary students who are considering applying for the Army HPSP.

Life’s Long Practice of Veterinary Public Health, or was it One Health Practice?- lunch talk collab w/ SOH on Friday 10/27/17 in 1041 Valley. Dr. Constantin Genigeorgis has had a long and illustrious career in public health service and comparative pathology. He'll talk about his academic training and rewarding professional experiences over his 60 year career in Veterinary Public Health, including many activities which would be considered "One Health" today. Dr. Genigeorgis is a professor emeritus from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the Aristotle University in Greece, earned his DVM from Aristotle University, Greece, in 1957. At UC Davis SVM, Genigeorgis served as a professor of food safety and also taught in the MPVM program. After his retirement in 1991, he is still active at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security at UC Davis with industry-based food safety training, and academic teaching and research at a number of Greek universities. Don’t miss out on hearing about this veterinarian's amazing career and impact on human and animal health!

Not Your Typical Food Animal Veterinarian - lunch talk Wednesday 11/8/17- Fish are used by humans for both recreation and food. Dr. Christine Richey tells us about working for CA-DFW as a fisheries veterinarian and her contributions to public health through her responsibilities with a unique and wild food animal that is closely connected to the ecosystem.

Nimbus Fish Hatchery Field Trip - field trip Saturday 11/11/17- we visit the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, one of the several Northern California facilties that Dr. Richey oversees, where she will take us on a tour of the hatchery and laboratory. The Nimbus Fish Hatchery raises healthy, strong populations of Chinook salmon and steelhead trout for release into the American River.

Small Animal, Huge Impact: Street Dog Medicine in Nepal - dinner talk Wednesday 12/6/17 in 1041 Valley. Dr. Katie Wolf tells us about how even small animal veterinarians can make a huge impact on public health, global health, and population health from zoonotic/infectious disease transmission to improving street dog interactions with humans and elevating their status in the community. She shows us how her work there resulted in decreased number of rabies cases, transmissions, and deaths in both street dogs and humans. She talks about what it's like to do veterinary work in a country where the human-animal bond is very different from that in the US, and how she managed to communicate the importance of her work despite that difference.

Zoobiquity Book Club (ZBC) - Aside from zoonotic disesases, humans and animals actually have many diseases in common from those related to aging to mental health to heart disesase and lifestyle choices. Author and physician Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz termed this concept "Zoobiquity". ZBC is a "novel" event where we collaborate with medical students from the UC Davis School of Medicine. 14 UCD SVM students, 14 UCD SoM students, 3 physicians, and 3 veterinarians meet over the course of the semester to discuss assigned chapters from the book Zoobiquity to foster collaboration, communication, understanding, and respect between the two medical professions. Participation is limited, but a new round of book club will be held in the spring. We would like to thank and recognize SAVMA for funding the purchase of 20 copies of Zoobiquity to be kept as club copies so that ZBC can occur again and again!

Spring 2018

CDC Veterinary Medicine - Tuesday 1/16/18 in 1010 Valley. CDC veterinary epidemiologist and UC Davis SVM grad Dr. Robyn Stoddard talks to us about working at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), her recent assignment at a field clinic in Ethiopia, and the interesting career of a public health veterinarian.

Pet Owner Myths with Public Health Risks - Feb/Mar, Date TBD. We will do some myth-busting on trends that are being propagated by websites like Dogs Naturally, Whole Dog Journal, and Mercola, and how they have lead to fear of vaccination, microchips, dewormers, and parasite control. We will discuss risks of raw food diets to pets and humans, and compare the health of countries that don’t have access to good quality veterinary medicine to countries that do.

Pandemic! April; Date TBD- This event opens with three twenty minute TED-style talks about epidemiology, zoonoses, and infectious disease, followed by learning how to play the realistic and exciting board game Pandemic. Then, we'll form groups of students and veterinarians who are involved in epidemiology and infectious diseases and play some Pandemic! A fun, memorable, and unexpected way to network!

Info Talk on Clinical Year Public Health Emphases - April/May, Date TBD. Did you know you can do a blended clinical emphasis on your species of interest AND public health (PH)? Yes, UC Davis SVM offers approved emphases in LA/PH, Eq/PH, Research/PH, and Wildlife/PH. VPHO is currently working towards helping create an approved emphasis in SA/PH (currently you have to take the independent track to have a SA/PH emphasis). This info talk will cover the coursework, rotations, and externships involved in blended public health emphases during your clinical year, and will be presented by our very own VPHO Academic Planning Officer and include a panel of students in public health emphases and a member of the curriculum committee.

MPVMs, MPHs, DACVPMs, PhDs, and IPAs! - March; date TBD. Grab a pint with veterinarians who also hold an advanced degree in the public health arena to learn about which one might be right for you. Representatives include graduates, current students, and program directors of MPVM, MPH, VPM, and PhD programs. Participation is limited so sign up early. All participants recieve a voucher for 1 pint paid for by VPHO. Hosted by VPHO at Dunloe Brewing in Davis, CA.

OUTBREAK SCENARIO - May, date TBD. This popular wetlab is back! Veterinarians from the USDA lead us in the simulation of an animal-originating disease outbreak, investigation, containment, and resolution. In the past we've simulated a chicken flock outbreak and a sheep herd outbreak. What are we planning for this year!? Look out for an info email in April!

Zoobiquity Book Club (ZBC) - Same as Fall ZBC but with a new set of SVM and SoM participants, new physicians and veterinarians.

Army Veterinary Medicine - date TBD. This talk is for any veterinary student interested in Army veterinary medicine who prefer not to commit to the HPSP contract. Come learn about ways to join the Army as a veterinarian after graduating from veterinary school. Additionally, we will hear about loan repayment programs, career benefits, roles and responsibilities of an Army veterinarian. Presented by Army Medical Recruiting, Sacramento Office.

Fundraisers for 2017-18

Funds raised go directly back to VPHO members by paying for travel costs of speakers, purchasing books for Zoobiquity book club, and supplying food at lunch talks.
  • Thermometers with reusable physical exam cards $10
  • Club T-shirts $15
  • Stethoscope cleaning station 10 to 25 cents per wipe
  • Soap $4
  • ID card labels (for the back side of your student ID card) $1
  • Bake sales