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Talk Series

The goal of this series is to bring speakers in from different areas of the public health arena to expose students to current issues in outbreaks.

Fall 2016

Smith-Kilborne Program Snack Talk

December 2, 2016, Valley 1041

If you are interested in hearing about an amazing summer opportunity for second year students interested in foreign animal diseases, large animal medicine, pathology, and/or regulatory medicine, consider coming to hear about the USDA Smith-Kilborne program!

Spring 2016

Outbreak Scenario with Dr. Detwiler

April 30, 2016

USDA/HPAI Joint Snack/Lunch Talk with Dr. Kerk

March 29, 2016, Valley 1043

Dr. Amber R. Kerk, DVM, MPH, Veterinary Medical Officer from USDA APHIS VS SPRS District 6: will talk about her career path so far (DVM-MPH, etc.), and things she has learned about USDA and emergency response. Between Iowa and Indiana HPAI deployments, she's done site management, surveillance/outreach, and logistics so she can speak on the different aspects of the response. Information will be provided on the CDC Epi Elective pre-approved externship for senior vet students!

Snack Talk with Dr. Hullinger

February 4, 2016, Valley 1043

Fall 2015

Lunch Talk with Dr. Motroni

December 8, 2015, Valley 1010

Dr. Motroni will talk about how she went from studying foothill abortion here at UC Davis to working for the Agriculture Defense branch of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Uncommon Vet with Dr. Elliott Garber

December 7, 2015, Valley 1010

I know you've all been waiting for Elliott Garber (who was unable to make it in April)!!! Dr. Garber is a veterinarian, Army officer, and author who writes about opportunities for veterinarians outside of traditional clinical roles. You may be familiar with the Uncommon Veterinarian blog or Facebook page, which provide valuable and practical advice for both current and prospective veterinarians. This talk will provide an overview of "uncommon" careers in veterinary medicine, relevant to public health, One Health, wildlife medicine, and more!

FOOD Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)

December 1, 2015, Valley 1010

FARM Club and VPHO are proud to present Drs. Sara Leisgang and Gregory Abreu, two FSIS veterinarians who will be talking about their federal jobs. Topics will include: what FSIS does as a public health regulatory agency, ante mortem/post mortem inspections, pathogen sampling, tissue residue, epidemiology, recalls, import/export, career opportunities for new veterinary graduate, FSIS jobs, and so much more!

Plum Island Snack Talk with Kristen Alldredge (c/o 2017)

November 10, 2015, Valley 1010

Do you have an interest in infectious disease or public health? Who doesn't! That's why you should come hear Kristen Alldredge discuss her experiences with the Smith-Kilborne Program at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. For you first and second years, she'll also be discussing how you too can go to Plum Island!

Activities of the Department of Homeland Security's Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases: the example of Rift Valley Fever

September 8, 2015, Valley 1030

Dr. Jurgen A. Richt, a Regents Distinguished Professor specializing in emerging zoonotic diseases, will be discussing his research that established the first reverse genetic system for studying swine influenza virus pathogenesis in its natural host the pig. This led to the development of the modified live H3N2 virus vaccine. Later, he took part in developing a Rift Valley Fever vaccine candidate, vaccine invention #2. Dr. Richt has come to share his experiences and to introduce CEEZAD, which is based at Kansas State Vet School, adjacent to the new > $1 billion National Bio- and Agro-Defense facility (NBAF), and the existing and functional Biosecurity Research Institute BSL-3 facility.

Veterinary Public Health Outbreak Series: Spring 2015

One Health Approach to Lead Pollution in Argentina Wetlands with SOH by Dr. Marcela Uhart

February 25, 2015, Valley 1047

Dr. Marcela Uhart from the UC Davis One Health Institute presents this talk (sponsored by the Students for One Health Club) about a one health approach to address lead pollution due to hunting in Argentina wetlands.

Lunch Talk with Michelle S. - USDA-APHIS externship and a student panel on public health opportunities and tracking

March 26, 2015, Valley 1047

Interested in infectious diseases or public health? Come hear Melissa Schack talk about her experience doing a senior externship with USDA-APHIS, as well as a student panel to discuss tracking decisions and opportunities to become involved in public health.

VPHO/LGVMA/HABC Lunch Talk: Vet Med and the AIDS Pandemic with Dr. Ken Gorczyca

April 1, 2015, Valley 1010

This talk will explore the history of the unexpected roles veterinarians played during the initial AIDS crisis, and their continued role in the one-health approach to providing care for the pets of patients with HIV/AIDS and other debilitating illnesses.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Lunch Talk with Dr. Rodrigo Gallardo

April 16, 2015, Valley 1010

Career and Student Opportunities with USDA-APHIS with Dr. Detwiler

Monday, April 27, 2015, Valley 1041

Dr. Linda Detwiler of USDA will be coming all the way out to Davis to give a really exciting lunch talk about some of the amazing externships and jobs that APHIS has to offer.

Careers in Public Health with Dr. Elliott Garber!!!!!

Postponed to later April, 2015

Our annual Careers in Public Health talk will be delivered by Dr. Elliott Garber, "The Uncommon Veterinarian." Dr. Garber is a veterinarian, Army officer, and author who writes about opportunities for veterinarians outside of traditional clinical roles. You may be familiar with the Uncommon Veterinarian blog or facebook page, which provide valuable and practical advice for both current and prospective veterinarians. This talk will provide an overview of "uncommon" careers in veterinary medicine, relevant to public health, One Health, wildlife medicine, and more!

Cultural Competency in the Field with Cortni Borgerson

Tentatively February 2015

FMD Socioeconomic Effects with Dr. Hullinger

January 6, 2015, Noon, Valley 1010

Dr. Pam Hullinger will present her experience in the UK during the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak, specifically the socioeconomic impacts it had on the people--the farmers, the public, the veterinarians. Dr. Hullinger will also discuss what public health projects she is currently working on.

Anyone can attend, but food is for paid members only. Please respond by Monday January 5th at 4 pm for food orders.

Veterinary Public Health Outbreak Series: Fall 2014

Plum Island Lunch Talk by Radhika Gharpure c/o 2016

November 13, 2014, Noon, Valley 1041

Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is the only lab in the US that works on foreign animal diseases; it helps protect US livestock from foreign animal diseases. Come learn about what PIADC is all about and the opportunities for students to be involved, in particular, the Smith-Kilborne Program that Radhika, our lovely Secretary, participated in.

The Smith-Kilborne Program is designed to acquaint veterinary students with various foreign animal diseases which potentially threaten our domestic animal population. The program includes both classroom presentations on diseases and their implications combined with laboratory experiences. Following the seminar, students are expected to share their new knowledge with others. The Smith-Kilborne Program is conducted at two locations: USDA Center at Riverside in Riverdale, MD, and the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Plum Island, NY.

Snacks will be provided!

Army Vet Corps Lunch Talk by Peony Kim c/o 2016

September 16, 2014, Noon, Valley 1020

Interested in a career as an army veterinarian??? The responsibilities and opportunities to LEARN and SERVE are vast--a couple primary ones being to oversee the medical care of the military working animals and to participate in the public health food safety and defense mission. Did you know you could also get involved in things like foreign development work as a civil affairs vet in the army? Did you know that the Navy has a marine mammal program?? (Yes, Army vets serve all branches of the military, not just Army). The possibilities are endless.

Not to mention the benefits (both career-wise and financial) are pretty darn good. You can choose to pursue residencies at academic institutions through the army in specialties like pathology, surgery, lab animal medicine, MPH/MPVM, etc. Financial benefits include loan repayment or getting paid for/through school WHILE in school.

1st, 2nd years: come learn about the HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship program)! Everyone: come with questions on direct commissioning upon graduation, as well as reserve duty.We will be hearing from local recruiters and from the army vets themselves. Food to be provided by.... your tax dollars!

Lunch Talk: "Ebola Virus" with Dr. Bruno Chomel

August 26, 2014, Noon, Valley 1010

Worried about getting EBOLA? Interested in the role animals play in this deadly outbreak? Curious about the involvement of veterinarians in studying Ebola? We've all read the headlines, now come hear an expert speak! Dr. Chomel will provide a crash course in what you need to know about Ebola and will be answering any and all questions students might have concerning the current outbreak.

Wet Labs/Tours/Events/Exercises

Outbreak Investigation Simulation Wetlab with SOH

Cancelled, Tentatively Fall 2015?

The scenario will consist of an interactive case study that puts participants in the driver's seat to contain an outbreak of an emerging infectious disease. A role-playing activity will spark a discussion highlighting the different perspectives and interests that intersect in this effort. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the cultural and environmental factors that impact the health of a community, and the importance of cross-disciplinary strategies in addressing global health challenges.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 3:30-5pm

CAHFS is a diagnostic lab that provides surveillance for foreign animal diseases, helps control livestock and poultry disease, ensures food safety and helps protect against the spread of zoonoses.

Poultry Swabbing Wetlab with FARM Club


Field Necropsy Wetlab

Tentatively Spring 2015