Veterinary Public Health Organization Club

Zoobiquity Initiative

VPHO is pleased and proud to announce our brand-new Zoobiquity Initiative (ZI) starting Fall 2017, in which we organize a series of events aimed at fostering the connection between human and veterinary medical doctors to advance medicine and the health of all species. The flagship of ZI is our Zoobiquity Book Club, "novel" event in collaboration with the One Health Student Interest Group (OHSIG) at UC Davis School of Medicine. At ZBC, med students, vet med students, MDs and DVMs to get together to have a forward-thinking discussion about the overlap between human and animal medicine.

We are also planning to bring up some very interesting speakers over the next two years, including doctors who hold both MD and DVM degrees; MDs who work closely with DVMs; and DVMs who are advancing human health through biomedical research. We are also planning to have a "Dean Swap" where veterinary medical students meet a UCDSOM Dean to learn about the education of an MD, while human medical students meet a UCDSVM Dean to learn about the education of a DVM. Another event we are planning with OHSIG is organizing tours for medical students and MDs to visit the VMTH, and for vet med students and DVMs to visit the UCDMC.

The Zoobiquity Initiative is a groundbreaking movement towards fostering collaboration and respect between the human and veterinary medical professions and creating to a better relationship between the two medical fields-- ideally, one where DVMs and MDs can feel comfortable consulting each other on cases, thus advancing medicine for ALL species.

"Zoobiquity" is a term coined by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers, co-authors of the book by the same name. Read the book or watch this TEDtalk here to learn more: What veterinarians know that physicians don't.

Amanda (Mandy) Loftin is leading the Zoobiquity Initiative (

Neda Othman is coordinating Zoobiquity Book Club (

Feel free to reach out to us with ideas, questions, and comments!