Executive Office

Eve Lloyd Thompson

Eve Lloyd ThompsonEve Lloyd Thompson is the trustee, treasurer and secretary of the Bernice Barbour Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and to their well being, protection and care.

Ms. Thompson has been a horse owner, breeder, and hands-on caretaker for more than thirty years. She and her husband, Dr. Dick Thompson, have bred and owned Thoroughbred flat and jump race winners, and Arabian halter and performance champions, as well as champion show hunters and jumpers. She currently competes in the Dressage Division. She has served as a consultant to the Sport Committee of the former Soviet Union and HTS (Fox) TV cable in Washington, DC, for horse sports, based on her studies of equine ancestry, physical and behavioral characteristics, traits, and performance.

Ms. Thompson is engaged in many public service activities involving horses and veterinary medicine. She received her B.A. degree in Zoology from Cornell University, and has done graduate work in animal nutrition at the University of Maryland.