Dr. Bernadine Cruz

Photo: Dr. Bernadine Cruz

Dr. Bernadine Cruz graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis. She has been practicing companion animal medicine at Laguna Hills Animal Hospital, in Southern California, for over 20 years. Dr. Cruz acts as a multi media consultant for several major veterinary pharmaceutical companies, along with being featured on numerous local and national television shows such as the Early Show, the Today Show, the Doctors and Inside Edition.

She communicates on a daily basis in over 2000 veterinary reception rooms as one of the hosts for PetCare TV. She can be heard on the internet radio show, 'the Pet Doctor', part of PetLifeRadio.com. Dr. Cruz is a certified member of the American Society of Veterinary Journalist. She is one of the AVMA's experts for WebMD's Pet Health Exchange.