Department of Surgical & Radiological Sciences

VSR Course List

  VSR 099 Special Study for Undergraduates
Upper Division Courses
  VSR 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates
Graduate Courses
  VSR 298 Group Study
  VSR 299 Research
Professional Courses
  VMD 402B Cardiovascular Physiology
  VMD 402C Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology
  VMD 407 Principles and Techniques of Operative Surgery and Anesthesia
  VMD 407L Principles and Techniques of Surgery & Anesthesia Laboratory
  VMD 421 Principles of Neurosciences
  VMD 422 Veterinary Ophthalmology
  VMD 426 Principles of Veterinary Anesthesiology and Critical Patient Care
  VMD 430 Principles of Radiography and Radiologic Interpretation
  VMD 433 Veterinary Oncology
  VMD 440 Veterinary Neurology
  VMD 460 Fundamentals of Clinical Orthopedics
  VSR 401 Small Animal Radiology Case Discussions
  VSR 402 Large Animal Radiology Case Discussions
  VSR 404A Small Animal Radiology
  VSR 404B Large Animal Radiology
  VSR 405 Advanced Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound
  VSR 406 Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound
  VSR 407R Comparative Dentistry and Oral Surgery
  VSR 408R Diagnostic Imaging Journal Discussion
  VSR 409R Known Case Conference--Imaging
  VSR 410R Diagnostic Imaging: Wildlife & Special Species Rounds
  VSR 411R Small Animal Orthopedics Conference
  VSR 413 Small Animal Dentistry
  VSR 413L Small Animal Dentistry Lab
  VSR 415 Small Animal Orthopedics
  VSR 416 Equine Ultrasonology
  VSR 416L Equine Ultrasonology Lab
  VSR 418R Topics in Surgery/Oncology
  VSR 423 Diagnostic Ophthalmology
  VSR 424 Clinical Veterinary Oncology
  VSR 425R Veterinary Cancer Biology: Clinical Applications
  VSR 426R Veterinary Cancer Biology: Mechanisms of Disease
  VSR 427R Oncology Journal Discussion
  VSR 431R Graduate Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery
  VSR 432R Advanced Veterinary Neurosurgery Seminar
  VSR 433R Clinical Neuromuscular/Neuropathology Conference
  VSR 441R Small Animal Emergency/Critical Care Journal Discussion
  VSR 442R Small Animal Emergency/Critical Care Physiology Rounds
  VSR 450R Veterinary Ophthalmology Slide Review
  VSR 451R Veterinary Ophthalmology Literature Review
  VSR 452R Advanced Topics in Comparative Ophthalmology
  VSR 453R Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology and Biomaterials
  VSR 459R Renal Transplantation
  VSR 460 Emergency and Critical Patient Care
  VSR 462 Radiographic Diagnosis: Small Animal
  VSR 463 Soft Tissue Surgery
  VSR 464R Principles of Veterinary Radiation Oncology
  VSR 465R Biology and Practice of Veterinary Radiation Oncology
  VSR 466 Large Animal Applied Anesthesiology
  VSR 467 Small Animal Anesthesiology
  VSR 468 Equine Lameness and Radiology
  VSR 468L Equine Lameness and Radiology Lab
  VSR 469 Equine Surgery
  VSR 469L Equine Surgery Laboratory
  VSR 470R Equine Surgery Journal Discussion
  VSR 471R Equine Surgery Case Management Conference
  VSR 481R Clinical Soft Tissue Surgery Conference
  VSR 491R Anesthesia/Critical Care Basic Science Management Conference
  VSR 493R Anesthesia/Critical Care Case Management Conference
  VSR 494R Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care Journal Discussion
  VSR 495R Large Animal Ultrasound Journal Discussion
  VSR 496R Large Animal Ultrasound Case Conference