Photo: Xinbin Chen, BVM, PhD.

Message from the Director

Xinbin Chen, BVM, PhD.
Professor and Director of VSTP

Welcome to the Veterinary Scientist Training Program (VSTP) administered through the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis.  Our mission is to prepare students seeking dual DVM-PhD degrees to become compassionate and exceptionally trained veterinarian-investigators engaged in basic and translational research to advance the health of animals, people and environment.  Our goal is to produce highly qualified veterinary scientists as future leaders in academic veterinary medicine, biomedical research, and government service. 

Our VSTP program resides within the premier veterinary school in the world, ranked #1 by both US News and World Report and the QS World Rankings.  The training opportunities at UC Davis, offers an unprecedented environment of a major research university with tremendous resources that include trans-disciplinary programs in biomedical, engineering, agricultural and environmental sciences.  Our VSTP program hosts a number of student-centered activities jointly with our medical school’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) to create a unique learning experience in comparative medicine and one health.  Our students are integral to a dynamic curriculum that promotes excellence in research, outreach and student mentoring.  Since 1999, 24 graduates have completed VSTP and our graduates have gone on to leadership careers in academia, government, and industry. 

Please explore our website and the excellent and ever expanding array of opportunities that UC Davis can provide for training of veterinary scientists.

Photo: Isaac Pessah

Message from the Associate Dean

Isaac Pessah
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education
School of Veterinary Medicine

As a Veterinary Scientist Training Program (VSTP) scholar, you will find a wide variety of doctoral training programs in the biological sciences on the UC Davis campus. UC Davis continues to award more PhDs in the biological sciences than any other university in the United States. Prospective dual-degree students can choose from mentors within the School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Medicine, School of Engineering, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, or the Division of Biological Sciences. In addition, the resource assets of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, the UC Davis Medical Center, the California National Primate Research Center, the NCI-designated Cancer Center, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Center for Biophotonics, the Center for Neuroscience, the Center for Comparative Medicine, the Mouse Biology Program, and 25+ additional organized research units, centers, and programs all contribute to the research enterprise in support of the VSTP. This depth of resources and collaborative opportunities enable scholars here to pursue "bench to bedside" and “farm to fork” research programs in a broad range of areas ranging from cancer biology and emerging infectious diseases to biomedical engineering and functional genomics.