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Welcome to the Class of 2016

August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Dean Michael Lairmore and the faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine welcomed 138 new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree students to the school August 17, 2012. The Class of 2016 and family members shared the academic and career milestone at a ceremony where students donned white coats that symbolize their acceptance into the program and the profession.

In his remarks to the class, Lairmore noted the variety of life experiences that each new student brings to the school. “The class includes some amazingly talented individuals including an Olympian, helicopter pilot, professional tennis player, concert pianist, lawyer, Peace Corps volunteer, and an Irish dancer.” He added, “We are proud to have a student from Israel this year. Many of the new students have traveled internationally, an important background to meet our global needs in veterinary medicine.”

Lairmore also told the students, "You are bright enough to be accepted to medical school and treat humans. Instead, you choose to become veterinarians to earn a chance to treat humanity."  

Of the students, 121 are California residents; 105 class members are women, and 33 are men. The Grade Point Average for the last 45 semester units was 3.72. Successful applicants achieved average GRE scores of 80% in the Verbal section; 76% in the Quantitative segment; and 67% in the Analytical Writing component.

The students identify themselves as 94 Caucasians, 17 Asian or Pacific Islanders, nine Hispanics and  six multi-ethnic students. Twelve individuals did not state ethnicity.

The majority of students studied science as undergraduates, though 16 students report majors in the humanities and social sciences. The students had accumulated 3,000 hours (mean number) of veterinary-related experience at the time of application. 

The students report the following professional interests:
Small animal – 62
Equine – 11 
Mixed animal – 6
Wildlife and zoological medicine – 24 
Research and laboratory animal – 11
Small animal/equine – 6 
Avian/exotics – 5 
Food, large and dairy – 13

The class of 2016 and 2015 begin classes in August as the school makes the transition in the curriculum from the quarter system to semesters. The class of 2014 starts classes in September. The fourth-year students began their clinical year at the end of June with rotations through the many services of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center, Tulare. 

Lairmore and the faculty thank veterinarian J. Kevin Grayson of the Admissions Committee and the veterinary practitioners on the Admissions Advisory Committee for their valuable service to the school and veterinary education: 

Steve Aboulafia
Jamie Anderson
Michele Beko
Monica Gabourel
Gary Hanes
Tom Hansen
Andrew Kallet
Robert Lavan
Julie Lewis
Kirsten Murphy
Lara Zekaria
Nancy Ramsey
Jennifer Remensperger
Liesl Peterson
John Shaner
Duane Stephens
Daniel Sweet
Mary Whitehill
James Young

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