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Veterinary Hospital Expands Integrative Medicine Service

April 18, 2014

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Physical rehabilitation workouts are one of the many ways the Integrative Medicine Service can help improve the health of patients.

The UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital recently expanded its services to offer more options in the Integrative Medicine Service. Integrative medicine includes a comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine that complements conventional diagnostic and treatment modalities to optimize clinical outcome. Treatments the Service has previously offered include acupuncture and physical rehabilitation (which can include rehabilitation following surgery, paralysis rehabilitation, weight loss, and canine athlete injury rehabilitation).

With the recent addition of new Service Chief Dr. Jamie Peyton, to a stellar team that already includes Drs. Lauren Frank and Marilyn Koski and technician Ann Kitchen, the VMTH looks to expand integrative medicine activities, as well as include additional service offerings in pain management and palliative/hospice care. With many hospital clients requesting the additional offerings, VMTH leadership recognized the need to increase the size of the Integrative Medicine Service with another clinician, more appointment opportunities and additional treatment options.  

The pain management program incorporates both traditional medications and complementary modalities, such as cold laser and acupuncture, to find the best pain therapy for an individual patient.

“Pain control is so essential for a patient’s ability to heal and overall quality of life,” said Dr. Peyton. “Therapy is aimed at not only acute pain during hospitalization, but also focusing on chronic pain management at home.”
The palliative and hospice care program focuses on patients with serious illness ranging from internal medicine, neurologic, and surgical disease to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Modalities are used to help support the body and treat the symptoms of the diseases or treatments, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and insomnia. The main goal is to help owners during this difficult time and incorporate complementary ways to help the patient’s quality of life.  

The addition of Dr. Peyton will allow the VMTH to see more patients and make further headway into the study and application of integrative medicine. The integrative medicine team will work closely with other services in the VMTH to identify multidisciplinary treatment opportunities to provide optimal patient outcomes. A goal of the Service also includes the development of a comprehensive academic program in integrative medicine. The first student clinical rotations begin in June.

Patients of the Integrative Medicine Service are treated in a 1,000-square-foot open treatment area that resembles a gym and two private treatment rooms. The Service’s state-of-the-art equipment includes electric high/low treatment tables, two underwater treadmills, a land-based treadmill, therapeutic exercise equipment, ramp and stairs, and equipment to fabricate thermoplastic orthotics.

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Rob Warren
VMTH Communications & Marketing Officer