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"All Things Great and Small" Participants Visit the CA Raptor Center

December 1, 2014

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Volunteer Mark Moore answers questions about Jack, the red-tailed hawk. (Photo: Jonathan Eisen)

By Sallie Reynolds, CA Raptor Center volunteer

The UC Davis Interdisciplinary Animal Studies Research Group hosted a three-day conference in mid-November to explore work from the sciences and humanities through the conference theme of interspecies community. The event, “All Things Great and Small,” invited the California Raptor Center (CRC), among many other distinguished organizations and speakers, to give a special presentation to 30 preregistered participants from all over the US. 

We met in the amphitheater in the front of the CRC entrance, with Sullivan, the Golden Eagle, as official greeter. The docents (Mark Moore, Brenton Pierce, Sallie Reynolds and Liz Williamson) discussed the CRC and its partnership with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and our joint work in helping injured raptors as individuals and in furthering the knowledge of diseases and problems in wild raptor health. 

Each of the four volunteers presented birds and discussed what brought each of them to the center, described characteristics of each species and its role in the local ecosystem, and answered questions. We ended with an extended cage tour so that the audience could get a well-rounded picture of many of our local species, the difficulties they face here as wild populations, and our extended efforts to educate the public on the raptor scene. 

Birds on hand included: Sullivan the Golden Eagle; Simon the Burrowing Owl; WTKI 14.112, the young White-tailed Kite still in training; and Jack the Red-tailed Hawk.